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If you are used to having the best, and the best is what you expect, the right place is at Costa Smeralda’s villas with their swimming pools. They are characterized by huge spaces, soberly and refined style and impeccable service, so they do not disappoint your expectation, as space and style can be found in their large halls and in their modern Mediterranean inspiration furniture.

Here guests live in a private and unperturbed world where everything is oriented according to their satisfaction. An airy and natural context made of total quiet and elegance.

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Villa Smeralda-Hotel Romazzino 10 beds, 243 square meters

This is a spectacular villa with 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, as well as huge curved picture windows offering stunning views of the Romazzino bay. The 243-sqm space is cleverly designed to offer guests maximum privacy yet ample communal space.

Signature Costa Smeralda masonry furnishings upholstered in fabrics hand-made by local artisans abound. Each of the 5 bedrooms is a masterpiece of sophisticated simplicity and has its own veranda to allow both the sea air and sunlight flood in. The bathrooms too are living spaces in their own right.

They are trimmed entirely in Orosei marble and have a dressing room each. The showers on the ground floor all have dual access with one exterior door leading in from the pool area. A personalized waiter service is assigned to the villa to provide tailored assistance for guests throughout their stay and fulfil any requests at all times.

Villa Acquamarina-Hotel Romazzino 6 beds 210 square meters

Overlooking the beach and built over two floors, Villa Acquamarina brings guests incredibly close to nature: located just a few metres from the seashore, the villa’s large windows welcome in the soothing sound of water lapping against the sand together with ample sunlight.

The interiors are full of contrasting colours and surfaces. The living room and bedrooms are furnished in a simple, Mediterranean style offset by furnishings and ornaments from the finest Italian designers.
The azure of the sea, the signature colour of Romazzino, is a central theme that combines with greens and oranges to bring original, fresh and spaces to life.

Villa Giada-Hotel Romazzino 6 beds 210 square meters

Enveloped in the soft curves that have made the trademark architecture of Costa Smeralda famous all over the world, Villa Giada shares the fresh white and azure tones of Hotel Romazzino which it with borders on one side.

The horizon, dotted with breathtakingly beautiful headlands and islands, floods the 3 first-floor bedrooms and the spacious (50m2) living room through imposing sliding windows.

The villa extends over 200 sqm and is characterized by a harmonious juxtaposition of colours, materials and furnishings: a balance of modern and ethnic styles where fine woods carved by local master craftsmen embrace modernity alongside some of the finest pieces of Italian design.

Villa Ambra-Hotel Romazzino 6 beds 210 square meters

Villa Ambra is the uppermost of the six villas that reign over the countryside to the south of Hotel Romazzino. The windows and the balcony of the secluded double bedroom on the first floor offer stunning views over the turquoise waters of the bay.

When making for the pool from the living room or the two bedrooms on the ground floor guests are immersed in the scents of the lush Mediterranean vegetation of the large private garden.

The island’s master craftsmen were commissioned to create the villa’s interior furnishings, most of which were specially designed and produced to blend together contemporary design, Italian craftsmanship and the traditional Sardinian architectural styles. 

Villa Turchese 6 beds 200 square meters

In this spectacular 200-sqm villa, the spaces flow with the curved lines for which Costa Smeralda architecture is so renowned.

The layout is modern to guarantee each guest a sense of great intimacy and privacy. Villa Turchese has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. Orosei marble abounds while the likes of silver and raku ceramics add a sense of sophisticated detail.

The bedroom on the first floor enjoys breathtaking sea views and its veranda leads out to a huge terrace. There is also private access to the beach through the garden.

Villa Zaffiro 6 beds 200 square meters

Unfolding over two floors, Villa Zaffiro provides the highest standards of comfort in a structure designed to blend perfectly with the surrounding environment.

This private and reserved villa has three bedrooms, two of which are located on the ground floor.

The entire first floor is taken up by a romantic bedroom with a spacious terrace overlooking the Romazzino bay and its unspoiled natural surroundings.

Villa Antas-Hotel Pitrizza 4 beds 173 square meters

Villa Antas’ large and luxurious living room opens directly onto a generous terrace with dining, lounge and sunbathing areas. The perfect spot to relax and enjoy the beautiful private pool and Jacuzzi, in other words.

There are two double bedrooms, each with its own spacious bathroom and private terraces. A delightful roof garden makes it seem that the villa is stretching up to touch the sky. A personalized waiter service is assigned to the villa to provide tailored assistance for guests throughout their stay and fulfil any requests.

Villa Balari 2 beds 80 square metres

Indulge in a private refuge of total luxury and discover the stunning Balari Unique Suite: here Mediterranean essences are evoked with typical Sardinian furnishings and guests are welcomed in a fabled and unforgettable atmosphere.

With an outdoor pool, sun terrace and veranda with dining area, this 80-sqm unique suite lies above the others and looks out over a large swathe of sea, stretching to the islands of the archipelago.

Modern, elegant and refined, Balari Unique Suite is the perfect private refuge for relaxation surrounded by lush greenery and natural beauty.

Villa Janas-Hotel Pitrizza 4 beds 160 square meters

With its simple, elegant architecture and granite exterior nestled among the rocks and Mediterranean vegetation, the villa appears to be a natural progression of the surrounding environment.

The bright and spacious living room is accentuated by furnishings that marry traditional elements and contemporary tastes with a simplicity that serves to highlight the outdoor setting.
The use of juniper and stone pay homage to Sardinian traditions while luxurious fabrics and strong colours add glamour. Like the living room, both bedrooms – each with a large bathroom and walk-in wardrobe – look onto the patio, the large sunbathing area and the private pool.

Villa Bithia-Hotel Pitrizza 6 beds 190 square meters

This new, unique 3-Bedroom Villa enjoys an extraordinarily charming location. A glorious haven that’s both luxurious and simple at once and it is in perfect harmony with the local Sardinian surroundings.

Two bedrooms feature a king size bed, their own spacious bathroom and are connected to the living room, while the smaller 3rd bedroom has twin beds and a bathroom (shower only), has a separated access and is not connected to the other rooms.

Villa Corbezzolo-Hotel Pitrizza 2 beds 55 square metres

Hotel Pitrizza is situated in one of the most sheltered bays in the area and the sound of waves gently lapping the shore is the soundtrack to Villa Corbezzolo.

Life here is lived mainly outdoors during the daytime, in the shade of the trees bordering the dining area or the Mediterranean-style covered veranda.

The villa has one bedroom, two bathrooms and a comfortable living room. Every room exudes effortless refinement thanks to the unusual marriage of traditional rugs, objects and upholstery – commissioned from top Sardinian artisans – with modern design elements. The resulting simple yet luxurious style is perfect.

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