Tombolo Talasso Resort

Thalassotherapy is an ancient and effective method of relaxation and treatment that utilizes the combined and synergistic action of all the resources of the marine environment.

At GH Tombolo, in Marina di Castagnetto Carducci, Livorno, pools, tubs, and showers are fed with seawater collected from about 900 meters from the shore using modern methodologies that ensure its purity at zero kilometers.

The Thalassotherapy Path in the Caves consists of five pools of seawater heated to different temperatures, enriched by chromotherapy colors that stimulate natural self-healing processes.

Daily yoga sessions, adaptable to the varying abilities of each participant, with a particular focus on breathing, helping to live better with increased awareness, inner strength, and physical and mental well-being.

The term “algae” is commonly used to refer to all marine plants.

The therapeutic action of seaweed in thalassotherapy is due to their chemical properties. In fact, they contain not only proteins and vitamins but also a large quantity of minerals and trace elements that are present in significantly higher quantities compared to seawater.

Marine muds, or more accurately, silt, are products resulting from the mixture of water with inorganic, organic, or mixed materials.

At Tombolo Talasso Resort, indigenous silt rich in valuable active ingredients is also used.

The seawater, collected off the coast and heated, is enclosed in the cave pools, becoming the pulsating heart of Tombolo Talasso Resort.

Along with the other natural elements and the unique microclimate that is created in this charming corner of Tuscany, it becomes a powerful tool for our well-being and achieving healthy longevity.

Minerals help rebalance the functionality and vitality of the body and contribute to the proper functioning of muscle tone (marine magnesium and calcium), thyroid hormones (iodine), and the immune system (selenium).

Their absorption through the skin or mucous membranes reaches the bloodstream via osmosis and brings about a rebalancing of the functionality and vitality of the body.

At Tombolo Talasso Resort, all programs are centered around remineralization.


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