The essence of life in the Italian countryside

The landscape is the true wealth of Italy, along with art and culture. It is the only heritage that defies comparisons and, even more so, daring attempts of “copy and paste”. It is sublime, in all its beauty, ranging from rural houses clinging to the majestic Alps to the farmhouses of the marvelous Tuscany, from the sumptuous mansions of the Apennines to the fairytale-like country houses of Apulia. These are the iconic places of that great Italian tradition called hospitality.

Certainly, it may appear similar to many other forms of hospitality, but Italian countryside has an unmistakable characteristic: it is a staunch guardian of the pleasure of life, the very essence of knowing how to live well, capable as it is of blending tradition and refinement together.

Tradition is encapsulated in its ability to reenact every aspect of the so-called bygone era, in which moments, flavors, and scents, but above all the collective thoughts, were synonymous with tranquility, carefreeness, and happiness. Refinement is the other important virtue of the Italian countryside.

It can be narrated as follows: thanks to the exceptional ability of man, the ancient houses of peasant labor, which continue to evoke a bygone era, have now transformed into fascinating and exclusive resorts. In these places, elegant transformation has managed to enhance the origins of residences nestled in greenery and wellness.

Speaking of well-being, the Italian countryside has its own unique virtue in offering high-quality wellness areas in thermal treatments and programs to regain full vitality, especially for the mind as well as the body. There’s something more, and perhaps it’s precisely this fourth element that silences any comparison: in the Italian countryside, it is possible not only to understand but even to discover and make their own the great secrets of these enchanted lands.

Starting from being students in exclusive taste laboratories, where every recipe has a rich history behind it, and where, from being mere witnesses, it is possible to become protagonists in the preparation of sumptuous pasta dishes, excellent game dishes, and exciting creations with every product of a great land. Then moving on to direct participation in another engaging art: the preparation of excellent and solemn wines, following the paths of vines and grapes. Without ever straying from the oases where the powerful elements of nature – from water to fire – are offered as an elixir that has been able to ride through history and now masters the history of mankind.




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