Stars, Colors, and “Trulli” of Puglia

Puglia is a land of knowledge and enchanting landscapes. It is a fresco with strong contrasts in a harmonious setting, where cities rich in history emerge alongside fascinating coastal towns, revealing their identities through narrow alleys and palaces.

Cultural events, the enchantment of art, and the aromas of traditional cuisine provide a backdrop to the grandeur of the sea.

It is a land where ancient and mysterious places chase each other with surprising continuity, giving life to a region with a thousand facets. It is present both by the sea and in the unforgettable Tremiti Islands, a compact yet diverse microcosm enclosed in three islets, where nature is astonishing.

It is simple and essential in the Romanesque churches of Daunia, baroque and extraordinary in those of Lecce, fascinating in the dazzling white houses of Martina Franca, enchanting in the sea of Gargano, monumental in the imposing Castel del Monte, and unique in the architecture of the Trulli in Alberobello. There is also the skill of bakers, cheesemakers, and farmers who transform the fruits of the land into simple yet flavorful and aromatic products.

It is impossible not to try the famous Altamura bread, known for its distinctive taste and intense yellow color derived from the wheat it is made from. Aleatico, Primitivo di Manduria, and Negroamaro are outstanding examples of the region’s wine production.

Additionally, there are five high-quality olive oils, the nectar of the majestic centuries-old olive trees of this land, to enhance the flavors of the regional cuisine.




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