Santa Margherita the queen South of Sardinia

Santa Margherita di Pula is the queen of the South in Sardinia. Overlooking the sea and discovered in the 1960s by the high bourgeoisie families from nearby Cagliari, it has since experienced a perfect and enchanting evolution that continues to this day, hosting one of the best resorts in the world, the Forte Village, and other lovely oases of peace and relaxation.

Here, the colors of the villas nestled in beautiful pine and the resorts enveloped in Mediterranean but also tropical vegetation mirror the pastel shades of the sky and the sea. Each little cove in Santa Margherita has its own light, with its beach, whether large or small, being the last barrier of fine sand between man and the sea.

The fascinating sea awaits to be discovered on fantastic boat trips, then returning to solid ground to be greeted by excellent hospitality that, in the nearby village of Pula, is capable of lighting up the subdued lights of splendid evenings that continue joyfully until the dawn of the next day.

And thus, life resumes immersed in the beauty of Santa Margherita, the queen of the Southern Sea.