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If there is a truly unique city in the world, it’s Venice. It is wonderful in every corner, at any time of the day, with its continuous ability to fascinate and engage.

With authority and style, Venice today is capable of presenting its infinite faces, in a gentle coming and going on the canals, in the narrow streets that lead to artistic bridges and splendid squares adorned with majestic palaces of sumptuous architecture.

It is enchanting for the mind, the soul, and the eyes to be captivated from sunset to dawn by these unparalleled panoramas, to discover, in every corner of the calli, be they grand or small, the evidence of history, art, cinema, and culture, all intertwining in a continuous representation.

The whole gives life to an always elegant, international atmosphere, never taken for granted in this fantastic place that is the Venetian Lagoon.

It is obvious to say that the city of the Grand Canal is an open-air museum, but it is a pleasure for the traveler to discover the many mysteries that have always been hidden and then revealed not only during the grand spectacle of Carnival, but also in the pleasant days marked by time tamed by this exceptional catwalk suspended for centuries between the sky and the lagoon.

This is why in Venice, it is immediate to feel like protagonists, especially if one has the patience to seek out the details even within the characteristic workshops of skilled artisans, who excel in working primarily with blown glass.

And even those delicate objects, with their countless shapes and colors, are an icon of a sweet, passionate, and romantic Venice. Venice is a fantastic setting for any event, and therefore every event is fantastic when celebrated in Venice. Starting with the customary edition of the Film Festival, which this year celebrates its sixty-ninth edition.

From late August to early September, around the red carpet on the Lido, a refined and international world takes the stage, capturing the spotlight of a city destined to be dominated by the arrival of famous actors, illustrious directors, and the ever-present jet-set at Venetian events.

During these days of culture and celebration, the Hotel Metropole has been welcoming many of these illustrious guests for years, who find their oasis here before and after the presentations and the inevitable catwalks on the Lido.

Also in early September, Venice becomes an immense and splendid stage thanks to the Historical Regatta. It is a spectacular event, with a historical procession of colorful 16th-century boats, carrying the doge and his lady, the nobility, and the highest officials of the Venetian magistracy, before the exciting races among the gondoliers, for a perfect reconstruction of the glorious past of the most powerful and influential maritime republics of the Mediterranean.



Palazzo Venart in calle Tron

It is within Palazzo Venart, a luxury hotel, that the Grand Canal is located, in one of the most discreet and quiet corners of Venice. Upon crossing the threshold of this marvelous palace, an secluded courtyard appears, where one can seek refuge in the shade of magnolia trees with their sweet and delicate fragrance. The atmosphere is understated and refined, enhanced by a highly evocative setting that brings forth memories of distant eras. The cuisine is an expression of Venetian gastronomic tradition revisited in a modern light, while also offering contemporary alternatives that enhance the extraordinary flavors of the Lagoon.


Via Marghera a Lughetto

The philosophy of Lionello Cera is encapsulated in this symbolic phrase: “Respect for the raw material has been our creed from the beginning. From there on, we have always pursued only our dreams.” Creativity is expressed in dishes of diverse nature, devoid of artifice, in a clear and natural journey. These authentic interpretations of Venetian tradition are true studies of flavors, fragrances, scents, and colors. Amidst water – “For us, everything begins here: the sea. Without it, none of this would exist” – earth – “Our expertise is not solely based on the excellences of Veneto; it is from here that we start to gather the fruits of our research” – fire – “Our expertise is not solely based on the excellences of our Veneto territory, but it is from here that we start to gather the fruits of our research” – and air, because it is “the vital breeze that intoxicates our senses: it sets us free to travel, carried away by scents and fragrances.”


Piazza Cappelletto

Raffaele and Michela, the proprietors of San Martino, have no doubts in asserting: “Hospitality is a virtue that leads us to nourish and host people who neither need to be nourished nor hosted.” They go on to emphasize: “In the menus of San Martino, you will find our tireless research and passion in and for the cuisine, which translates into playful reinterpretations of Venetian culinary tradition, offerings that respect the seasonality of raw materials, whether they be from land, water, or garden, with imaginative and unusual taste details.” They then describe the experience of “Table in the Cellar,” the taste cellar, on the lower floor of the restaurant, in the wine room, with only one round table, accommodating a maximum of six guests allowed to partake in a unique wine and gastronomic proposal that reflects the journey of San Martino over the years.


Hotel Ciripiani alla Giudecca

Oro captures the spirit of Venice—its romance, beauty and connection to the sea. Bordering the edge of the water, the view from your table is a gentle lagoon scene with unmissable vistas ignited by the evening’s changing light. Now with Chef Riccardo Canella at the helm, the menu is an eight-course meditation on local ingredients sensationally re-imagined and of course, seafood from the Adriatic Sea takes a starring role. With each dish Chef Canella guides you through the ebb and flow of flavours reaching a crescendo before ending on the final sweet note of dessert.


Piazza San Marco

The restaurant rooms are located on the upper floor of Grancaffè Quadri in what were once the chambers of the Procurators of the Serenissima Republic. They were opened to the public in 1844 by the Vaerini brothers, who had been managing the establishment since 1830. In 2011, with the entry of the Alajmo family, a new journey began, leading to the restaurant’s first Michelin star in 2012. At the beginning of 2018, the Alajmo brothers entrusted Philippe Starck and the skills of Venetian artisans with the significant restoration that would reveal the original beauty and magic of the venue.


Salizada dei Greci

Opened in 2015 by siblings Benedetta and Luca Fullin, it has reinvented a new Venetian cuisine with creativity and exploration, thanks to a young and passionate team. It is spacious and bright, overlooking a splendid canal in the Castello area, just a few steps away from the Art Biennale and St. Mark’s Square. The interiors were crafted by local artisans; from the Venetian terrazzo floor embedded with 3500 murrine, to the tables, chairs, and the beautiful handmade wine cellar by Remo Pasquini. Guests can observe the chefs at work in the open kitchen.



The Metropole is situated along Riva degli Schiavoni, next to Chiesa della Pietà church and just a few steps away from Piazza San Marco, the Giardini della Biennale gardens and the city’s major tourist attractions.

An amazing location, overlooking the Venetian Lagoon with breathtaking views from its rooms and suites. It is a Grand Hotel with an intense, eclectic and theatrical atmosphere, to offer guests an experience in luxury far from clichés.

It is a charming 5-star hotel where attention to detail and attentive service give emotion, in an extraordinary journey through time.

A Venetian soul with an oriental touch. The atmosphere is intense, candlelights and black pepper scent pervade every room.

The Metropole houses a rich collection of antiques owned by the Beggiato family, Venetian hoteliers who manage this special place with love and dedication.

The Metropole Spa is the ideal place to treat yourself to a special moment and enjoy the relaxing properties of the water. Resplendent mosaics and gold leaf decorations, soft lighting, marble and imposing columns welcome you in an environment that takes you back to the enveloping atmosphere of the ancient Hammams.

One of the most evocative experiences is to indulge in the fascinating ritual of Tea at the Oriental Bar, whose windows directly overlook the Island of San Giorgio.  In this corner of Venice, the Hotel Metropole is not just a place to stay; It is a journey through time through compelling tales and tea rituals that make us travel through time, immersed in the elegance and history of one of the most fascinating cities in the world.

All different from each other and with extraordinary views. The rooms and suites of the Metropole are furnished with unique antiques and authentic Venetian handicrafts


Located in Palazzo Papadopoli, one of the eight monumental palaces in the city along the Grand Canal, Aman Venice fully embodies the sumptuous and sensual nature that defines La Serenissima. The opulence of rococo-style artworks is balanced by the understated elegance of contemporary interiors by Jean-Michel Gathy, while lavish restaurants and spacious suites overlook the rare private gardens of the floating city. Just steps away from St. Mark’s Square, Aman Venice is the perfect starting point to explore this romantically infused place and to be gently cradled by the waters during an enchanting gondola journey, discovering the hidden gems of the Queen of the Adriatic.


Located in the most peaceful area of the Cannaregio district, the 5-star NH Collection Venezia Grand Hotel Palazzo dei Dogi is the perfect place for an authentic Venetian-style experience. The hotel is situated in a building rich in history and charm: the Rizzo-Patarol Palace, dating back to the 17th century, once housed a convent and later served as the Embassy of France and Savoy. The hotel is close to local craft shops and approximately a 20-minute walk from the city’s most iconic sites. Additionally, it features a private docking pier with a view towards the lagoon and the island of Murano. Adorned in the classic Venetian style with warm tones, the hotel’s rooms offer views of the water and the enchanting landscape of Venice.


Breathe in the intimate and romantic atmosphere of the legendary hotel on the island of Giudecca, getting lost in the view of St. Mark’s Square and the vistas of the lagoon. Celebrate unique sensory experiences by savoring starred delicacies. Sip a Bellini by the edge of our pool, an authentic emblem of our refined rituals. Alternatively, rejuvenate in nature by strolling through our private gardens. A skillful blend of relaxation, charm, and elegance, the Cipriani is an authentic legend. Every inch of this iconic establishment, one of the most famous luxury hotels in Venice, is a guaranteed splendor. Extraordinary antique objects and local craftsmanship will transport you back in time, the Michelin-starred restaurant and the city’s only Olympic-sized swimming pool offer modern elegance. The special romantic atmosphere is our hallmark.


Overlooking the Venetian Lagoon and a short stroll from St. Mark’s Square, the Hotel Danieli, Venice is a 5-star property featuring elegant and spacious rooms, while the Restaurant Terrazza Danieli offers a spectacular view of the city’s beauties. The historic hotel is distinguished by majestic Venetian architecture dating back to the 14th century. Enjoy the marvelous view of the Venetian Lagoon at Restaurant Terrazza Danieli. Indulge in the delicious dishes of our restaurant or try unique cocktails at Bar Terrazza Danieli. Surrounded by the historic beauty of Palazzo Dandolo, you can enjoy afternoon tea or an evening drink while listening to harmonious piano notes at Bar Dandolo. All of this is just steps away from the marvels of Venice: San Giorgio Maggiore Island, St. Mark’s Square, the Doge’s Palace, and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Salute.


Marisa Convento is not just a craftswoman; she is an “impiraressa,” one of the last women who string glass beads. Behind the small door of the shop on Calle della Mandola, a magical place opens up where creativity blends with tradition, resulting in colorful jewels that you won’t find in any other store in the world. Marisa can always be found in her shop, ready to share her ancient tradition with you, and you will have the privilege of getting to know one of the last Venetian artisans, undoubtedly the most passionate and active in carrying on the tradition of glass beads. For eyewear enthusiasts, we recommend a visit to Micromega, a brand with an unmistakable character, offering ultralight frames and laser-cut lenses with creative designs. A true choice of style. Just steps away from the Rialto Bridge, there’s a shop that has been crafting and selling hats of all kinds since 1902: the Longo Family shop. The owner, Giuliana Longo, is the heir to this charming workshop that displays the famous Panama hats, gondolier hats, carnival tricorn hats, as well as Giuliana’s original creations. Since they are entirely handmade, each piece is unique and can only be purchased here in Venice.


In Venice, the evening begins with the ritual of the aperitif, which extends late into the night. One of the most typical things to do is to go to “bacari,” which are the traditional Venetian taverns, to have a glass of spritz or a glass of wine accompanied by “cicchetti,” small sandwiches, and snacks with local products. And one of the best areas to do this is the Cannaregio district, with the famous Fondamenta Misericordia area, where you can find the most famous bacaro in Venice, Paradiso Perduto. San Polo and Erbaria _ between the Rialto Bridge and the fish market, overlooking the Grand Canal, in the San Polo district _ is the perfect place to stop and have a drink in company.

Cannaregio is the quintessential nightlife district in the city. Here, in addition to numerous bars, you will also find the famous Venice Casino, open since 1638, attracting people from all over the world. One of the liveliest areas is certainly Fondamenta Misericordia, which stretches along the canal of the same name. This district, especially Fondamenta Misericordia, is a bacari paradise. You’ll find numerous venues where you can have an aperitif or stay until late into the evening. Here, you can also mingle among the Venetians, reaching the most popular spots frequented by the locals. From St. Mark’s Square, you can reach Cannaregio in about a 20-minute walk. The nightlife starts here already during the aperitif hour and continues until late at night, thanks in part to the presence of the Casino.



The job of creating one of Venice’s most recognizable products – whether for use in the famous Carnival of Venice, the Commedia dell’arte or simply as masquerade masks – is an impressive one. In our workshop we draw on a synergy of techniques and approaches from ancient arts and crafts with no limits placed on artistic ingenuity. We combine sculpture, painting, and decorative techniques to achieve a level of craftsmanship with our Venetian masks that truly qualifies them as art. All of our masks are custom papier-mache masks hand-made from gesso molds by expert artisans. This makes each of our masks a unique piece, the expression of the artist who creates it. Materials used for decoration are the result of continual research and include precious fabrics, real feathers, Swarovski crystals, as well as gold leaf and silver leaf.


There is an island in the Venetian Lagoon where you can grasp the cosmopolitan spirit of a city that built its fortunes through trade with distant lands: it is San Lazzaro degli Armeni, near the western coast of the Lido. Since the 18th century, it has been the spiritual center of a community of monks from Armenia, who were granted permission to settle in an abandoned place where the remains of a ruined monastery were located. The newcomers restored the church, constructed new buildings, quadrupled the island’s size, and initiated a printing press that produced literary, scientific, and religious works in as many as 36 languages and 10 alphabets. During your visit, you will see an exceptional collection of over 4,000 Armenian manuscripts, a gallery of paintings, and a museum showcasing art and objects from the Arab world, including an Egyptian mummy. To reach San Lazzaro degli Armeni, you can take a vaporetto from San Zaccaria along the Riva degli Schiavoni.

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