The Archipelago of Heroes

La Maddalena, with its sixty islets, is a fabulous microcosm of ancient villages, beaches, coves, and small bays. Each panorama is exceptional, one after the other, showcasing fascinating and wild beauty.

The Archipelago is like a court, with its queen, La Maddalena, its main courtesan, Caprera, the island of Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Hero of the Two Worlds, and several handmaidens resting in a sea with an emerald color that separates Sardinia from Corsica. La Maddalena is an architectural gem, with a continuous interweaving of the ancient fishing village and patrician houses overlooking the harbor nestled in the village.

Alternatively, a delightful hike leads to the Roccia dell’Orso (Bear Rock), spectacular natural sculpture with its head turned towards the sea. Sculpted by the winds over the centuries, the granite rock has taken on a shape that used to instill fear in fishermen in ancient times, but now inspires admiration among visitors.

Beyond the old wooden bridge, Caprera appears, the final abode of General Garibaldi, who lived here during the years of oblivion and now rests forever in the shade of fantastic centuries-old plants. Granite dominates everywhere, shaped by the wind and waves, capable of creating enchanting cathedrals and spires.

Just beyond the horizon, the handmaidens emerge: the uninhabited islets of Spargi and Spargiotto, Budelli, with its famous Pink Beach, and then Razzoli and Santa Maria, connected to each other by the Passo degli Asinelli. Together, they dominate the Strait of Bonifacio and guard the enchanting National Park of La Maddalena.