Porto Rotondo lifestyle

On a granite monolith, the inscription reveals that this is the entrance to Porto Rotondo, a corner of land that smells of cistus, myrtle, and mastic, captivating with its uniqueness and beauty.

In this splendid stretch of coastline, overlooking the Gulf of Cugnana and spread out on the Rudalza peninsula, Porto Rotondo is an Italian pride conceived and desired by the noble Venetian family of the Donà delle Rose.

Today, it is a natural paradise, immersed in the tranquility of Mediterranean vegetation, a preferred destination for those seeking peace and relaxation, in contact with nature and the sea, but also for those who love the exclusive social life.

The heart of Porto Rotondo is the charming Piazzetta dedicated to San Marco, designed by Andrea Cascella, from which several narrow streets and a staircase lead up to the Church of San Lorenzo, with a roof shaped like a ship’s hull, and its interior expertly decorated by Mario Cerioli with excellent wooden sculptures.

Overlooking the Darsena, the Piazzetta della Casbah is the true living room of Porto Rotondo. Under these arcades, there is a succession of prestigious fashion and international art houses. In this context, where harmony is everywhere, the Marina is nestled, with its port among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

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