Porto Cervo’s fable

Porto Cervo deserves a step back in history to 1962. It was in that spring, sixty years ago, that the Ismaili prince Karim Aga Khan was tasked with creating the Costa Smeralda from scratch. Today, that picturesque village is a cult icon of exclusive and international tourism.

The heart of this world is Porto Cervo, formed by a maze of narrow streets, arcades, and staircases that converge in the famous Piazzetta.

All around, in its architecture, there is an exaltation of the incomparable emerald style, inspired by the characteristic constructions of rural Sardinia, discreetly nestled among rocks and vegetation.

To the north of the bay, leaving behind the charming Porto Vecchio, we find “Cervo Marina,” the new marina, overlooking the Tower, made of granite and basalt, and the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda.

Panoramic and evocative is the Stella Maris chapel, accessed through majestic bronze doors created by sculptor Luciano Minguzzi, and housing an “Addolorata” (Our Lady of Sorrows) painting by the artist El Greco.

But Porto Cervo is above all a place celebrated for its social life, with a succession of Made in Italy stars, alternating with prestigious fashion houses frequented by international celebrities. Overall, it is the setting for a grand spectacle where from sunrise to sunset and until the dawn of the next day, every aspect of an essential zest for life is represented.

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