Santa Teresa heart of Gallura

Santa Teresa di Gallura stretches like a noblewoman on a rocky platform reaching out towards the Strait of Bonifacio, in an area where the coastline alternates between sheer cliffs and beaches.

Also known by its ancient name, “Lungoni,” it seems to cling, as in its origins, around Piazza dei Re, dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele. On the rocky promontory overlooking the enchanting sea of Sardinia stands the Aragonese Tower of Longosardo, from which the gaze embraces the bay of Porto and, in the background, the bright cliffs surrounding the Corsican city of Bonifacio.

On the left, the coast descends towards Rena Bianca beach, which extends to the characteristic Monica rock. It then rises up to Capo Testa, connected to the mainland by a strip of sand suspended between the bays of Colba and Santa Reparata, places where emperors chose stones for the columns of the Pantheon in Rome.

And furthermore: Cala Sambuco and Porto Liscia, which appear to visitors as the last sentinels of the mainland in the presence of a sea with azure reflections. Santa Teresa is also the undisputed homeland of an excellent dish from the great tradition of “cucina povera” – only in name, however – of Sardinia: the “suppa cuatta.”