Baja Sardinia’s guardian

Once upon a time, there was Cala Battistone, named after a guardian who seemed to possess the powers of Neptune, but now its name is Baja Sardinia.

The white village dominates a crystalline sea and fine sandy beaches. It has always been one of the gateways to Gallura, leading all the way to the Costa Smeralda and by sea to the enchanted archipelago of La Maddalena.

Perhaps it is precisely its excellent ability to balance between these worlds that has highlighted the virtues of Baja Sardinia, which is now an exclusive tourist destination.

Here, it is exhilarating not only to be captivated by the marvelous nature along the coast and in exciting underwater dives but also to be transported to the famous evenings of Baja Sardinia, a succession of trendy venues like the mythical Ritual, carved into the rock, colorful shop windows, and enchanting artisan shops.

Not far from the White Village, there is the Capo Ferro peninsula, where the lighthouse of the same name stands, guarded by majestic granite rocks shaped by the wind. Shortly after, in the distance, the island of Bisce appears, which is part of the La Maddalena Archipelago National Park. The resorts in Baja Sardinia are also enchanting, starting with 7Pines Sardinia