Chia the voice of the sea

Chia is a marvel of nature, with sand dunes that appear like improvised castles, shaped by the wind and the waves.

The environment is enchanting, especially in the early hours of the morning when the first rays of the sun ignite and color the expanses of Laguna, Tuerredda, and Piscinnì.

These are the three iconic beaches of Chia, particularly loved by windsurfing and surfing enthusiasts, as they provide a backdrop to the continuous gusts of rebellious winds that rotate among the cardinal points and form spectacular waves.

But this is also a place where the sea can be calm and gentle, caressing corners of paradise along the shore. The spectacle is magnificent among the dunes, on the seashore, and even beneath the sea, where just a few meters deep, a fantastic parallel world reveals itself to be explored.

Chia is not only pure nature but also a place that, in full respect of its wild and proud identity, hosts exclusive resorts and residences clinging to the rocks, and golf courses nestled between the blue of the sea and the azure of the sky.




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