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The story of Sin Elite Group began in 1992 in a world of rich and profound cultures. Its founders propose sophisticated travel ideas to destination Italy packaged with an exclusive, original mix of elegance, perfection and excellence. Proposals always selected exclusively on the basis of the personal tastes, wishes and expectations of the international traveller.


Sin Elite Group’s philosophy is that of travel consultants for Italy, offering top level, customized and guaranteed proposals for demanding travellers wanting unique and unrepeatable experiences and emotions. A highly qualified team, from booking to the product office, marketing, development, public relations and communications, work constantly to satisfy all expectations and make the most diverse of wishes come true. In the Sin Elite Traveller, its important house magazine, the company tells of an exclusive, captivating Italy to be enjoyed creatively.


More than a 5-star treatment, the traveler loves to experience experiences that exceed their expectations, their desires, and then remain imprinted in their memories.

“The concept of surprise, of a wow experience, has been our mission for thirty years. It’s like going to the tailor – emphasizes Nadia Prokhorets, Director of Marketing and Communication of Sin Elite Group – for a custom-made dress”.

Nadia Prokhorets

“Speed is not a luxury,” confirms Carlo Casula, Head of Product Development of the Corporation, in describing the difference between a high-level tour and a vacation: “Our commitment is to provide the traveler with non-invasive but always attentive assistance”.

“We professionally follow – continues Nadia Prokhorets – every phase of approaching the tour because every proposal must and will include at least one exclusive detail”.

Sin Elite Group customizes tours immersed in nature, history, art, nightlife, shopping, sports, and lifestyle, to make them unique and unforgettable experiences, meticulously selecting resorts, villas, and spas, combining them with trendy restaurants, prestigious entertainment, excellent cars, jets, helicopters, and yachts.

With a wealth of creative concepts and innovative ideas, we satisfy every traveler’s expectation.


Imagining and customizing the trip to transform it into a unique and unforgettable experience. Selecting villas, hotels, resorts and spas with meticulous care and skillfully combining them with trendy restaurants, exclusive clubs, prestigious cars, jets, helicopters and yachts to produce unusual itineraries on the themes of nature, history, nightlife, art and wine, sold throughout the world by a carefully chosen network of international travel agencies.


Always new, fun, stimulating, alternative and above all made to measure. After a profitable interview and having a clear idea of their aims and expectations, all customers are offered packages designed to meet their particular needs. Workshops, meetings, conventions, public relations, tours, special occasions, concerts, shows, award ceremonies, fashion parades, weddings, birthdays and private parties.


The Alps
Porto Cervo Sardinia

Italy, always and only Italy. Whether it’s about well-being or pleasure, by the unmatched seaside or cradled by the inland hills. There is no difference between these places: they are all the product of the same matrix, beauty.


From the marvelous landscape to the rich architecture, from the centuries-old culture to the renowned hospitality: in any case and wherever it may be, Italy is a Great Book. It must be read carefully to discover, in its infinite pages, every corner of an excellent, exceptional, fairy-tale, marvelous land.

Porto Rotondo Sardinia

There is no place in this narrative that is not a bearer of miraculous virtues, always resistant to time, trends, and even to those who are convinced they can assert, unwary: nothing is eternal. Instead, no, on the contrary, the opposite concept must be emphasized: it is Italy, with its enchanted world, the first gateway to reach the coveted and well- deserved elixir of long life.






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