… a fervent wish to execeed your own espectations?

An intense desire to be cosmopolitan and feel at ease in any place of the globe as if it were home? Why not go to Porto Cervo for your birthday, or to Florence to celebrate your wedding, inviting guests to a lavish banquet in a medieval town nestled in the hills of Tuscany, or suddenly you crave more sun and emotions, and in the blink of an eye, you find yourself or on an Island? Sin Elite Group opens up a world of tailored pleasures for your needs.


… an eager desire not only toacquire, but also to learn….

The thirst for world exploration is nothing but new destinations, intense emotions that, like a merry-go-round, decide never to stop. Like in “One Thousand and One Nights,” everything has just begun. In the morning, the adventure begins. Sin Elite Group, as always, has not failed to satisfy all your desires.


… stark raving madness… breathtaking speed

You have the adrenaline running high thanks to Sin Elite Group. You drive Ferrari or Aston Martin. Umpredictabily, respectability, elegance…. Sharp curves of the Amalfi Coast, enigmatic medieal Tuscany castels, bohemian night clubs of Costa Smeralda… To turn it all into a journey is not up to everyone… Yet we know the key to it.


If someone is lucky, don’t envy him, try to share this joy, and the luck will become yours

All this can only be compared to the night of the Oscars. To be the protagonist of an exclusive film, tailored to remember your journey in Italy, Sin Elite Group organizes film sets in the Art Cities, or Costa Smeralda, and the Amalfi Coast.


… an ardent desire to gain something. If one is capable of insatiable lust, he is alsocapable of deep love… to himself

Only pleasant and authentic moments survive a journey. It’s time to get ready for your special evening. Apply a very simple and natural makeup on your eyes and cheeks, and a cherry red lipstick. Put on your favorite evening gown and your spectacular diamond necklace. The limousine is waiting for you. Hurry up. A dinner at the restaurant, but the night is young! Wake up! It’s not just a dream! Sin Elite Group makes your dreams come true.


Sloth is one of our vices, which we accept with the least effort

Where were you last week? They tried to get in touch with you, your mobile phone was constantly off, at home there was only the answering machine, and they gave up! Only Sin Elite Group knows where you were, but we keep it a secret. You needed a break, to enter the world of relaxation.


… extreme thirst for money and wealth… it’s the only extravagance that you cannot afford

Sin Elite Group, where your dreams will come true… is a subtle concept of luxury: for the soul, not possession. It offers an innovative idea: the privilege of being assisted by a personal concierge who will take care of every little detail. Today’s requirements and preferences for those who travel in first class must meet three essential criteria: perfection, efficiency, and confidentiality. These concepts are the fundamental virtues of Sin Elite Group.


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