Capri from the Piazzetta to the “seaside rooms”

The beauty of the island, the coming and going of high-profile guests. Capri is a splendid open-air catwalk of glamour. From the legendary Piazzetta to the beaches, back and forth from dawn to sunset. In the island of love, everything is fantastic, captivating, and exciting.

Cosmopolitan and with a millennia-old history, Capri is capable of surprising at every moment. It is here that the ritual of summer unfolds, as time slows down under an enveloping sun. The first act is breakfast in the open-air cafes: around the tables, every traveler can decide which cove to continue their day in.

The living room is Capri’s beaches: many, small, and each different from the other. Starting from Marina Piccola in front of the famous Faraglioni. It’s a succession of elegant beach clubs that belong to Capri’s history: from Canzone del Mare to Bagni Internazionali, from Gioia to Torre Saracena.

Alternatively, beneath the monumental Faraglioni, the choice is between the enchanting “Da Luigi,” at the foot of the colossal rocks, and just a few meters away, the suggestive Fontelina. And there’s more: Marina Grande, with its blue sea, enchanting scenery, and exquisite Mediterranean recipes. Behind the port, there’s the starting point to discover, by sea, the small beach of gravel and dark sand, known as the Bagni di Tiberio, where the sea laps against the remains of the emperor’s amphitheater.

To complete the travel diary among the wonders of the island, one must move to Anacapri, the other Capri. Beyond Mount Solaro, one can choose between the lighthouse of Punta Carena, with its Lido, and the Blue Grotto, with its solarium carved into the rocks and guarded by high cliffs overlooking the sea.

The temptation to be conquered by the fragrant and rich Mediterranean cuisine is always great, celebrated in the restaurants of the beach clubs overlooking the sea, where seafood specialties take center stage. To return, at sunset, to the Piazzetta, the pulsating heart of the island, where society gathers for an aperitif and to listen to every detail of the tales that come from the sea and the beaches.

With one final appointment, prepare for the fascinating night that Capri creates in suggestive places where joy is everywhere and in every way. Because the island of love is a continuous surprise, and history confirms its beauty as told by illustrious guests, who have transformed it into that excellence known and appreciated worldwide.


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