Siracusa and the diary of Archimedes

Syracuse is one of the cradles of Sicilian history, having been the first metropolis of Magna Graecia on foreign soil. Founded behind the promontory of Ortigia, Syracuse is a masterpiece capable of surprising. Here, the intertwining of dominations and cultures is evident, almost brazen in imposing evident testimonies.

The historic center is enclosed between battlemented towers that act as historic sentinels to a maze of winding streets leading to the symbol fountain of Arethusa, adorned with papyrus plants and their plumes.

Syracuse is also the birthplace, along with Egypt, of the exciting art of crafting fine paper from the maceration of long canes of bright green color. There is still much more to celebrate in Syracuse: Archimedes.

Here, the first great philosopher and engineer in history was born, the discoverer of immortal theorems and laws that still form the basis of science. However, it was the war machines that made Archimedes of Syracuse a legendary and still revered figure.


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