Ischia, the muse of artists

Ischia is an island with sinuous contours, shaped by the fire of ancient volcanoes, smoothed by the wind with which the sea unleashes epic battles of uncertain outcome. It is a tapestry of emotions, continuous and enveloping, and also a labyrinth of colors.

From the deep green of the hills to the silver-veined amaranth of the vineyards, then the vibrant yellows of the houses, the inevitable intense blue of the sea, the refinement of the white of enchanting beaches. Ischia is the island of passions.

Writers, poets, filmmakers: there is not a single protagonist of art who is not captivated by the tuff houses, elevated like pagan temples erected in honor of the Goddess of Happiness.

With the added strength of water and fire, they are the inventors of miraculous thermal waters. Ischia knows how to enchant, in the succession of spectacular views along the promenade or in the cheerful bustle that permeates the famous square dedicated to Santa Restituta, in the castle and the tiny fishermen’s houses, or in the “struscio” along the Reggia street. Ischia is a promise, fulfilled, of joy and eternal youth.


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