Sicily, the enchanted land of fairy tales

Sicily is a unique world, a melting pot of peoples and cultures, a mixture of passions and sweetness. The island is a continent that knows it has only one certain border: the Mediterranean Sea. It is the land of light, myth, joy, and beauty.

It is a treasure chest rich in treasures kept within the walls of temples, churches, noble houses, and humble dwellings. It is an enchanted and exclusive planet. Here, air, land, water, fire, and wind are conscious prisoners of this fantastic place that emerged from the sea and was then enhanced by the dominations that shaped it with extraordinary brushstrokes.

Sicily is a disjointed collection of colors, scents, sounds, images, and suggestions, where every corner shines as if wrapped in that magical dust veil that is the true, unique, and millenary essence of the island. From Palermo to Catania, from Syracuse to the islets surrounding the Mother Earth, from Sciacca to Taormina, there is a succession of itineraries where Phoenicians, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Byzantines, Bourbons, and, until the unification of Italy, crossed paths.

Then, one can list, one after the other, the virtues of this land: the wild but also gentle nature, the gentle yet strong art, the imposing and at the same time refined architecture. Between volcanoes, monumental trees, rivers, streams, and magical caves, the island presents an image that leaves the traveler ecstatic.


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