Capri, the jewel box of transgressions

Capri is the island of mystery and transgressions. It emerged from the depths, destined to become an enchanting stage for overwhelming passions that bloom, are consumed, and even burned. Charming, exciting, engaging in every detail. The splendor of the island is everywhere the traveler’s gaze turns.

Capri has been, since its origins, the essence of existence, like only a sea goddess can be in her ever-changing guise, without anyone even asking her to, not even if the sun, the depths of a cobalt blue sea, or the three rocky tongues symbolizing the island in the world insist.

Every morning is a discovery, every night is different. The island has always fed on legends and worldliness, as well as its natural beauty that is everywhere, starting from the Blue Grotto, and in its marvelous residences still inhabited by artists, actors, and designers.

Capri has always had its ceremonial figures, but also its unique garments (capri pants, or handmade shoes adorned with shells and stones) to wear when partaking in the worldly ritual of the Piazzetta.

It is here that Capri’s pagan strength materializes through sumptuous aperitifs and unmatched lemon granita, so that another celebration may begin or, even better, never come to an end.


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