Travel to the thermal baths of Italy

Thermal baths in Italy are recognized excellence by anyone who loves travel not only as the beginning of a journey that enriches knowledge but also as the best opportunity to regain the supremacy of the mind and body over the advancing, confused, and chaotic world. Therefore, wellness is at the top of the desires of travelers passionate about Italy. Thermal baths, yoga centers, beauty farms, or eco-chic, classic and hi-tech, Italian spas are enchanting and continue to be so.

Starting with the fantastic Tuscany, where, on the map, the stars of Fonteverde Tuscan Resort & Spa shine brightly, often awarded as the best Spa in Italy by the prestigious SpaFinder association, for its seven pools, five thousand square meters dedicated to wellness, and the perfect use of the historic waters of San Casciano. Still in Tuscany, here’s another gold medal: it’s the one awarded by distinguished European and worldwide travelers to the Montecatini Palace Spa, for the purity of its setting, the exclusivity of the place, and the wide range of treatments, including standout weight loss and anti-stress programs.

Still in Tuscany, there is a third jewel: Grotta Giusti, in Monsummano Terme, with its chambers delimited by stalagmites and stalactites, named Paradise, Purgatory, and Inferno, depending on the rising temperature, and where each atmosphere is inspired by the special bond it shares with the nature and art of the region. It’s the very essence of Grotta Giusti, which originates from its vast centuries-old park, the limestone rock, and the healing water, the rhymes and paintings of the Tuscan nature. In the map of Tuscany, there is also an obligatory mention for the Bagni di Pisa Palace: from treatments immersed in the warm thermal waters to beneficial inhalations for the respiratory system, all the way to the cave of wonders.

Still in Tuscany, another gem is Palazzo Belvedere in Montecatini: an authentic, genuine, sustainable place where the rhythms are those of nature. In the historic center of Montecatini, GH Francia and Quirinale stand out as an excellence, where there is an innate sense of taste and hospitality. In Montecatini, GH Croce di Malta also shines, offering the experience of a journey into wellness by crossing the threshold of the exclusive Thai Silk Spa. In the lush countryside of Grosseto, the GH Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf emerges, enveloped in legend, always regarded as a myth that has been rejuvenating and renewing itself for 3000 years, providing health and well-being. In Marina di Castagneto, in the Livorno area, Tombolo Resort offers a spa just steps away from the sea, equipped with five indoor pools and two outdoor pools that use seawater following the ancient tradition of thalassotherapy.

Back to the north, in Veneto, Abano Terme, to celebrate the 100th birthday of GH Trieste & Victoria, a place rich in history with its retro atmosphere. Still in Abano, the Hotel Due Torri is enchanting, housed in an ancient noble residence, amidst the charm of a subtropical garden. Then, still in Abano Terme, the Metropole offers Oriental Thermal Spa, Crystal Therapy, and Tibetan bells.

From Tuscany to Lombardy, with L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux, nestled in the hills of Franciacorta just a few minutes from Lake Iseo: it’s the ideal retreat for those seeking the pleasure of “taking back their own time” through the paths of Henri Chenot’s Medical-Spa Espace Vitalité.

Another marvel is the GH Abano Terme, where the guest feels like stepping into another era, miraculously preserved. The first glance is at the statues that recreate the monumental scenography of Rome in its full glory.

Still in Abano, La Residence shines, an enchanting oasis of well-being where you can rejuvenate with the precious thermal waters and rediscover the beneficial power of thermal mud. A special mention goes to GH Mioni Pezzato, where once again, the thermal waters of the Euganean Basin conclude their journey, flowing back to the surface at temperatures exceeding 80 degrees Celsius.

In Lazio, in Fiuggi, there’s the Silva Splendid. Imagine a large pool beneath the stars. Imagine the right people who only wish to make stress disappear in a cloud of well-being. Imagine an aperitif to celebrate the simple joy of being together because, at night, the Silva Splendid SPA will transform into something magical.

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In Emilia Romagna, Castrocaro, the health and well-being of guests are the mission of GH Terme di Castrocaro & Spa, to immerse oneself in a unique atmosphere and rediscover the pleasure of feeling good in every shade: relaxation, nature, and beauty blend into a single dimension where time seems to stand still.

In Trentino, in Merano, Villa Eden stands out. It’s an exclusive island of peace and absolute relaxation. Its history begins in the distant 1982 when Angelika’s father, Karl Schmid, had the vision to transform an elegant private villa in the beautiful landscape into the nation’s first “Beauty Farm.”