Terme di Castrocaro

Known since Roman times, the mineral waters of Castrocaro, with their beneficial properties, were rediscovered in the first half of the 19th century and have been used at the Terme di Castrocaro ever since to promote health and well-being, with continuous updates in techniques and treatments.

In 2003, the Italian healthcare group GVM Care&Research took over the management of the Terme di Castrocaro.

In the following years, GVM Care & Research, with a progressive and constant investment, transformed the entire Terme di Castrocaro complex into a cutting-edge center for wellness and thermal treatments, including Thermal Spa and a Medical Thermal Outpatient Clinic.

It is in the remarkable richness of the natural elements that characterize the geographical area of Castrocaro that the full healing potential of the waters and muds used at the thermal establishment is unleashed.

The lush green waters of the thermal pools, thanks to the presence of natural chlorella, smooth and purify the skin. The fountains and various hydro-massages work by reactivating microcirculation and relieving muscle contractions and pains.

The nebulization of the salt-bromine-iodine water induces beneficial effects on blood circulation, sweating, detoxification, as well as stimulating an increase in immune defenses and respiratory pathways.

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A sequence of salt-bromine-iodine water pools at different temperatures (24°C – 35°C) to improve microcirculation and the draining effect on tissues of the lower limbs, including ankles and the plantar area, thanks to lateral hydrojets and porous pebble flooring on the bottom.

An intimate and private environment where everything speaks of relaxation. A small pool in which to be cradled by clear water at 35°C and a high level of salinity. Underwater sound diffusion and chromotherapy infuse new energy, dispelling stress and muscle pain.

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The biosauna harnesses the purifying and regenerating properties of heat without reaching high temperatures (70°C and 40% humidity). Made with special pine woods, it is known for the aromas of mountain herbs released by the steam of water thrown onto the hot stones.

The extremely fine blue clays that characterize the geographic area of the Terme di Castrocaro – defined by Leonardo da Vinci as “bluish sea land” – are another example of the exceptional inherent potential of nature. Thanks to their extraordinary absorbent capacity, they are able to retain a large amount of water and thereby increase their thermal capacity.


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