GH Abano Terme

The elegance of a Grand Thermal Hotel.
A pleasure reserved for those accustomed to the finest hotels in the world, seeking to rediscover their privileges during their thermal stay.

In the center of Abano Terme, the Abano Grand Hotel turns a thermal stay into a luxurious experience. Outside, there is a park with tropical trees and three thermal pools. Inside, the spa hosts various areas to enjoy the benefits of thermal mud and the beauty of anti-aging rituals. Everywhere, you’ll find the privileges of a 5-star luxury hotel.

The sensation is that of entering another era, miraculously preserved: anti-aging, indeed.

The first glance is at the statues that recreate the monumental scenery of Rome at its height.

The guest suddenly becomes an emperor or a goddess of ancient Rome. Romanae Thermal Spa pays homage to everything that the ancient Roman baths represented: pleasure, relaxation, well-being.

Clay and thermal water: two allies from nature for health and beauty.

The mud used in the Thermal Spa carries with it the ancient history born in the splendid setting of the Euganean Hills. Its clay is extracted from the depths of the centuries-old lakes of Arquà and Lispida, transported to our Spas, and brought into contact with thermal water.

The thermal water, which springs from private sources at a temperature of approximately 86°C, belongs to the category of hyperthermal saline-bromine-iodine waters. It originates from meteoric sources and comes from the basins of the Lessini Mountains in the Prealps.

It is considered unique precisely because of the long journey it undertakes to reach the Colli Euganei; this journey, which takes about 25/30 years through the limestone rock, at depths exceeding 2000 meters underground, allows the water to enrich itself with heat and precious minerals.

Clay and thermal water are mixed in maturation tanks for a period of at least two months, and this is how the transformation of clay into Mature Mud occurs, thanks to the growth of a plant component, consisting of particular families of thermophilic algae and cyanobacteria.

These algae process a large amount of substances with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that are absorbed by the body during the treatment.


86°C: This is the temperature at which the saline-bromine-iodine thermal water gushes from the well within the grounds of the Grand Hotel.

It comes from a long underground journey, a natural path during which it becomes enriched with valuable and beneficial mineral salts.

Before being channeled into the pools and the Kneipp path, it is cooled down to make the contact and immersion more enjoyable.

Stopping at the Abano Grand Hotel is a refined pleasure for the taste buds as well, with bars and restaurants where the scenery and ambiance are part of the delights to savor.

Extraordinary sensations of taste punctuate the day at the Abano Grand Hotel. From the breakfast cooked before your eyes to the poolside lunch; from the most glamorous aperitif in Abano Terme at the James Bond Bar to dinner at the Pietro d’Abano Restaurant, an absolute reference point for Veneto gourmets.

The suite at GH Abano Terme with a spacious furnished terrace overlooking the park and pools for a romantic weekend at the spa.

The suite, furnished in the Louis XV style with antique, warm, and welcoming colors, measures 107 square meters and features a spacious living room with a desk and precious warm wooden flooring.

Historic villages and villas, castles and abbeys. All set against a natural backdrop of rolling hills. These are the beauties of the Euganean Hills, to be discovered on a countryside-chic day trip by car.

Don’t miss the medieval village of Arquà Petrarca, the fortified towns of Monselice, Este, and Montagnana, and the Catajo Castle in Battaglia Terme, a true countryside palace that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale illustration.

The impressive medieval castle of Valbona, the monumental Baroque garden of Valsanzibio at Villa Barbarigo Pizzoni Ardemani are also worth visiting. Additionally, you can enjoy exploring the Wine Road of the Euganean Hills, passing through vineyards and olive groves, where you can stop to taste the wine, oil, and typical products of this beautiful region. Regenerate



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