L’Albereta Relais & Chateaux

L’Albereta carries with it the charm of a long history, firmly intertwined with the Franciacorta region. A land characterized by a captivating natural landscape dotted with noble villas of refined architecture, many of which were the summer residences of noble families from Brescia and Bergamo.

The past of L’Albereta belongs to this history and still preserves its traces today, in a kind of thread that outlines the destiny of this villa in Franciacorta, always dedicated to hospitality, the arts, and culture.

The ancient late 19th-century neorenaissance residence stands on Bellavista Hill and was the private home of lawyer Giovanni Cavalleri and his wife Anna, a musician and a great enthusiast of art and painting.

A true patron, Donna Anna transformed it into a kind of Academy of the Arts. In the main tower, she created a ‘Music Hall’ with two pianos, an organ, a flute, mandolins, and accordions. Her love for travel led her to meet artists from all over the world, and many of them became regular guests at her home.

Henri Chenot: “I have always refused to create another Spa in any other location besides Merano. Until the day when two worlds came together: the Chenot Spa and Terra Moretti, where L’Albereta is hidden.

I was seduced by the creativity, the desire to grow, to perfect, to discover new horizons, but also by the humility, simplicity, and the attentive nature of ‘the Moretti.

With Dominique, my wife, we decided to create a new identity for self-care, an identity focused on natural beauty that allows us to find harmony without makeup, the kind that gives us light.

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The ground floor area is instead dedicated to hydro-treatments and the aqua-fitness area.

Dominating the spaces of the Chenot Espace spa is a large outdoor and indoor pool, next to which a sauna and Turkish bath with aromatherapy are complemented by a spacious gym equipped with state-of-the-art Technogym machines.

Last but not least, in the most intimate heart of this captivating path designed and realized according to the Chenot method, a reserved space, with its enveloping circular shape, is the realm of hydrotherapy, phyto-mud applications, and hydrojets.

The suites of L’Albereta are nineteen in total, each with its own story, shaped by the harmonious silence of the nature that surrounds these enchanted places.

Let yourself be seduced by the elegance of the Bellavista Suite or the charm of the Torre del Lago Suite, which chooses to reveal itself only to those who stop to sleep in Franciacorta and stay in this splendid hotel in Franciacorta, providing unique moments that will be etched in memory forever.

After over a decade of international success in the health, wellness, and beauty sector, Chenot Espace de L’Albereta introduces new programs and services bearing the Chenot signature, dedicated to maintaining the best physical condition, vitality, and balance between body and mind.

Thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge diagnostic techniques, we now enhance our work with a more innovative and comprehensive multidisciplinary approach.

The focus is on a systemic and holistic screening method aimed at identifying the current state of health and the potential of each individual.

IIn a completely renovated environment, guests are offered effective and personalized treatments that allow the body and mind to achieve new milestones, with long-lasting results that promote renewed health, vital well-being, and radiant beauty.


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