Grotta Giusti Natural Spa Resort

Grotta Giusti is in the heart of Tuscany, in a large park that houses a spring and an incredible thermal cave.

Every detail and every atmosphere of it are inspired by the special bond it shares with the natural and artistic heritage of the region.

The very essence of Grotta Giusti originates from the extensive centuries-old park, the limestone rock, the healing waters of its cave, and the rhymes and paintings of the Tuscan nature

Grotta Giusti is a journey into the wonder and poetry of nature, a lifestyle resort that celebrates the healing power of water and the world’s unique landscape: a harmony of earth, water, and history that you will feel in every moment. You will sense its presence in the magic of the thermal cave and the lushness of the centuries-old park.

The thermal waters of Grotta Giusti flow warm and pure from the rich hydrothermal aquifer of Montalbano, where they enrich themselves with valuable minerals and trace elements. They are used as they emerge from the springs, without any chemical or physical treatment.

Thanks to their anti-inflammatory and relaxing properties, they are a valuable tool for prevention and treatment. Immersing oneself in the pools of pure thermal water is just one of the ways to reap the benefits of this gift from nature.

Grotta Giusti is the largest natural thermal cave in Europe. It is a millennia-old, pristine, and marvelous cavity that extends for over two hundred meters beneath the resort

A true natural paradise divided into three areas: Paradise, Purgatory, and Hell, with temperatures ranging from 28°C to 34°C.

The emitted steam is beneficial and therapeutic. Among the stalactites and stalagmites, the spacious rock vaults form rooms where you can linger for a natural steam bath.

At the bottom of the cave lies the Limbo, a crystal-clear lake of warm thermal waters, with a constant temperature of 36°C.



The warm colors and the tactile sensation of stone accompany guests on their individual relaxation journey.

The new thermal Spa is an enchanted and refined place, inspired by the marvelous thermal cave, its healing waters, and its limestone rock.

Within its 1000 square meters, including pools and treatment areas, you can immerse yourself in the Mediterranean culture of water and well-being.

The essential and familiar forms of Mediterranean architecture create spaces that feel like you’ve known them forever. Sounds become muted, light softens, and in the warmth that emanates from the heart of the earth, time seems to gently stand still, allowing room for meditation and self-listening.

Each suite at Grotta Giusti narrates Tuscan art, the park’s nature, and the history that has unfolded within these walls. The harmony of trees and plants is reflected in the wall decorations, paintings, and prints, as well as in the elaborate and splendid design of chandeliers and wall sconces

The fabrics and coverings have the tactile texture and colors of tree barks and leaves. Wood showcases its most precious grains, metals bear the warm hues of antique bronze and weathered wrought iron.

The light filtered through the curtains is like the sunlight streaming through leaves, and the marbles in the bathrooms convey the same sensation as the limestone shaped by water in the thermal cave.

From the ancient tradition of Roman baths, the new spa offers a journey dedicated to the therapeutic power of thermal waters that change in form and temperature, in a healing journey for the body and mind.

The Bioaquam Thermal Circuit at 34°C begins with hydro massages that gently prepare you for the subsequent stages

Then, the steam bath, with its maximum temperature of 45°C and 98% humidity, relaxes the body and mind with the beneficial steam of water.

Thermal culture and ancient Eastern disciplines are the result of millennia of history and evolution.

They originated in different eras and in distant lands, yet they come together in perfect symbiosis.

The regenerative power of the waters, precious oils, and the wisdom of skilled hands combine to create treatments of absolute excellence.

In the restaurant, which takes its inspiration from the poet Giuseppe Giusti right from its name, every word tastes like poetry.

We are in the region where Italian literature was born, synonymous with beauty and refinement worldwide.

So, at the Poet restaurant, you will find rhymes and literary quotations in the menus, recipes, and pairings, and you can listen to selected verses recited for the occasion.


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