Terme Di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort

To immerse in miraculous waters that have been flowing from the depths for 3000 years to provide a true rebirth.

The tradition of thermal culture is at the heart of the Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination experience in Manciano, province of Grosseto, with the natural antioxidant power of certified thermal waters, which have been a resource for health, well-being, and body care since ancient times.

A place with magnetic energy ideal for those seeking psychophysical balance, harmony between mind and body, health, and beauty, composed of different places united by the art of hospitality and expertise.

The award-winning Terme di Saturnia SPA has been a reference for effective treatments and protocols that provide immediate results for years. With the treatments and therapies at Terme di Saturnia SPA, rediscover the harmony between body and mind.

As you enter the 5-star SPA Resort via the avenue, your transformative experience begins, enveloped in the therapeutic embrace of nature, surrounded by 120 hectares of parkland.
With 124 rooms and suites, a spectacular 18-hole golf course certified by GEO, restaurants, and bars, it’s a journey through a gastronomic landscape steeped in tradition and a commitment to the purity and freshness of local ingredients.

Harmony is revealed in re-establishing contact with one’s inner strength, accompanied by vibrant and melodious sounds that bestow peace and serenity. Rebalancing all energy systems helps enhance one’s psychophysical well-being, rediscover a state of total calm that encompasses body and mind, and overcome stress and tensions.

With naturopathy, it is possible to listen to and rediscover oneself through one’s psycho-physical-energy manifestations, a way to significantly improve the quality of one’s life.

The thermal treatments and therapies at Terme di Saturnia are ideal for stimulating circulation, purifying the skin, and providing relief to the whole body.

The water flows at a constant temperature of 37.5°C, naturally releasing enveloping steam.

The healing properties of the mud develop through maturation in thermal waters for at least 6 months.

An entire area of the SPA is dedicated to thermal treatments, and you can choose from a wide range of treatments:

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The ancient Spring, unique in the world for its purity and properties, in just 20 minutes of thermal activity is capable of inducing a decrease in blood pressure, heart rate, and cortisol levels, the stress hormone.

Its constant temperature of 37.5°C is similar to that of the mother’s womb, and it gently envelops the body, cradling it benevolently, guiding the mind into a timeless space where everything is transformed into a wave of profound well-being.

The thermal waters of Saturnia stimulate basal metabolism, reduce water retention, reactivate capillary circulation, and increase the activity of liver cells, resulting in lower blood sugar levels, increased production of bile for fat digestion, and reduced intestinal absorption of cholesterol.

Taken on an empty stomach and in small doses, it facilitates the digestive processes and has a positive impact on gastrointestinal issues. Saturnia water,

The pleasure of a golf game immersed in the charming countryside of the Tuscan Maremma, on one of the few Italian courses to have obtained the prestigious GEO certification, is a unique experience.

Terme di Saturnia Golf is an 18-hole championship course, par 72, designed with respect for the local natural environment conservation standards.


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