Ea Bianca Baja Sardinia

Land of helichrysum and junipers, of vast spaces and brilliant colors, Sardinia amazes and conquers. In the silence of a centennial park, the gaze turns to the immensity of the crystalline sea, and reality becomes a dream. A whispered luxury awaits you in the whiteness of spaces furnished with care and passion, where refined culinary experiences blend with ancient gestures, renewed to create perfect images. Make a wish, you are at L’Ea Bianca.

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Designed for those seeking privacy but not willing to give up on comfort, the five villas of L’Ea Bianca Luxury Resort are a true gem. Walk on the fine sand and dive into the water with a thousand shades of blue and green, surrender to relaxation, and admire a fabulous, fiery, and seductive sunset. The whole will deliver to you the fantastic image of the Ea Bianca, the passionate beating heart of Baja Sardinia.

The enchantment of Sardinia experienced in all its fabulous aspects, from sports to traditions, from artistic heritage to refined cuisine, all combined with that sought-after, wholly Italian taste, in an unparalleled place, as is L’Ea Bianca.


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