Mioni Pezzato Spa

Perfectly blending care and relaxation. This is the philosophy of the Hotel Mioni Pezzato & Spa near Montegrotto in the center of Abano. The surroundings are a mix of modern and contemporary while maintaining personality and character thanks to objects, paintings, and artworks that bear witness to the history of this family-owned thermal hotel. There’s a space dedicated to the rejuvenation of the body and mind, where care, relaxation, and total comfort provide serenity and well-being, within the 20,000 square meters of thermal garden.

At Mioni Pezzato Spa, it’s a journey of pleasure to immerse oneself in the thermal water of the Veranda pool and relax in the four interconnected indoor and outdoor pools, rich with hydro-massages.

It becomes particularly enchanting in the evening hours when chromotherapy lights illuminate the pools with different colors, creating a magical and even more relaxing atmosphere.

The thermal waters of the Euganean Basin begin their journey at 1,500 meters in altitude in the Monti Lessini, in the Venetian Pre-Alps.

From the mountains, the waters flow underground and embark on a patient journey of 80 kilometers lasting for a hundred years, during which they become enriched with valuable mineral salts.

The journey concludes when, reaching the Euganean Thermal area, the waters resurface at temperatures exceeding 80°C.

Phytotherapy is an exclusive feature of the Mioni Pezzato Spa, which has studied the use of medicinal plants from the Benedictine tradition and experimented with their effects in combination with thermal water, and then offers a range of body infusions.

Il Refugio della Quiete is the location where the guest can relax after a swim in the pool, a massage, or one of the thermal treatments.

It’s an intimate and welcoming space, where you can find secluded corners furnished with comfortable hammocks, water loungers, and rocking chairs.

The Refugio della Quiete is connected to the Veranda Pool through a heated glass tunnel and to the Pavilion Pool via an underground passage.

The fireplace’s fire warms the atmosphere, making this place even more welcoming and enchanting.

Cuisine is a pleasure that should be good for the body and mind. At Mioni Pezzato, a bouquet of recipes for health is offered. Each creation is based on this philosophy at the 1915 Restaurant, at the Grill in the summer, and at the Bistrot in the colder months. Each dish has its own story, blending tradition and innovation to ensure total palate pleasure for the guest.

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