Oriental Thermal Metropole

The Metropole thermal resort in Abano is dedicated to oriental disciplines. The benefits of the thermal waters are combined with those of Ayurveda, creating an experience that involves the body, soul, and senses, always in pursuit of absolute well-being and spiritual happiness.

The Andromeda thermal pool is located outdoors, within the exotic tree-filled park. The water temperature ranges from 33°C to 34°C depending on the season.

Its generous dimensions (12 meters in width by 35 meters in length) accommodate 24 different sections with hundreds of whirlpools for the well-being of every part of the body.

Delphinius is the third thermal pool in the park, located near the Grill Restaurant. The water temperature is 30°C.

The Libra pool is located outdoors, within the park amidst palm trees and exotic trees, creating the sensation of being immersed in a tropical environment. The water temperature is 35°C.

Connected to the indoor pool, it allows you to move between different environments and temperatures, always cradled by the warmth of the thermal water.

Outdoors, among the exotic plants of the park, the Sirio pool is the only freshwater pool in the hotel and in all of Abano Terme. The water temperature ranges from 24°C to 28°C depending on the season.

The indoor thermal pool, Idra, is connected to the outdoor Libra pool. The water temperature is 36°C. It offers a peaceful thermal bath experience, followed by relaxation on the chaise longues with a view of the park.

The Garden Suite is a luxurious and spacious in Abano Terme with views of the Euganean Hills and an entrance garden, featuring ample brightness and a double balcony.

The Tina Restaurant is located in the hotel’s main dining hall, featuring a cuisine that is rooted in traditional Venetian and Italian dishes, reinterpreted with a healthy and innovative approach.

The Delphinius Grill Restaurant, located outdoors in the park, shaded by palm trees, is the perfect meeting point for the pleasure of taste and the experience of a thermal stay.

The best of both worlds, combining thermal mud therapy with techniques derived from the oriental culture of well-being.

Here, Eastern medicine and Ayurveda meet the paths, treatments, and properties of thermal water and bio-thermal clay.

Yoga, meditation, and moments for introspection alternate with rituals and massages that help to alleviate stress and fatigue, creating a new sense of vitality.

The Oriental Spa specializes in holistic treatments based on Eastern philosophies and medicine. Thermal well-being rituals stimulate metabolism and eliminate toxins; Ayurvedic and Eastern massages relax the body and mind, providing the ideal foundation for yoga.

It’s an experience that fosters a continuous exchange of benefits between yoga classes and the rituals and pathways of the Spa.

The natural setting is perfect, within the expansive park featuring exotic and oriental trees. Plus, there’s the relaxation of the Spa.

Al Victoria club le notti più eleganti e vivaci di Abano sono quelle trascorse all’interno del party bar del Metropole.

Live music is the spirit of the Victoria Club, where cocktails, champagne, and spirits accompany the live music performances by international artists.

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