La Residence Terme & Idrokinesis

The Hotel La Residence boasts three thermal pools, one indoor and two outdoor, and is an oasis of relaxation and well-being. Ideal for those who wish to rejuvenate and experience moments of peace and serenity in an elegant and refined environment, where the care of the body and mind is at the heart of the spa experience.

The thermal water that flows from the springs at around 86°C is classified as hyperthermal saline-bromine-iodine water. Its unique chemical and physical composition is the reason behind the relaxing, draining, and pain-relieving effect that one can feel after a short immersion.

The outdoor thermal pool Zeus is the realm of hydrotherapy, featuring a large number of jets of various types. The sides of the pool are dedicated to hydrotherapy paths for leg well-being and muscle toning. Neck massage nozzles and the wellness fountain complete the wide range of beneficial relaxation options.

Amidst olive trees and exotic plants, 20,000 square meters of nature, peace, and harmony. To enjoy relaxation on poolside loungers, where you can sip a cocktail or herbal tea while surrounded by the beauty of the lush landscape. La Residence’s park is the perfect refuge for rejuvenation and being enchanted by the magic of nature.

The outdoor thermal pool Apollo is distinguished by its bubble carpet, which massages the body with the force of its jets from below, providing an immediate sensation of energy and vitality.

The indoor thermal pool Athena connects with the outdoor pool Apollo, allowing you to walk immersed and experience the additional invigorating effect of temperature change.

At the Garden restaurant of Hotel La Residence, a passion for cuisine comes to life in every dish. Each culinary creation is a work of art that captivates the senses and delights the palate. The chef is a true master of flavors, carefully selecting the finest ingredients and transforming them into authentic masterpieces.

In the Thermal Cave, let yourself be carried away into a world oriented towards harmony, where warmth purifies and rejuvenates, providing an experience of absolute peace.

The most popular ritual is the “Peeling and Olive Oil” one. It’s an exfoliating massage using warm and precious nourishing olive oil, enriched with vitamin E, applied to the body through skillful pouring and worked with crushed olive pit powder. It serves as the prelude to this well-being interlude. A rich antioxidant mask made from green olives deeply nourishes the skin, which has been purified from impurities, allowing the active ingredients to penetrate, and prepares it for the final massage that concludes this magnificent wellness experience.

Mud therapy is the initial phase, during which a therapeutic mud wrap is applied to the body. The Mature Mud at Hotel La Residence contains, in particular, a family of cyanobacteria known as Phormidium strain ETS05, exclusively produced in these maturation tanks. The anti-inflammatory mechanism of action has been tested and verified by the University of Padua and recently patented at the European level.

Balneotherapy is the second phase of this process, involving the use of mineral-rich thermal water. The thermal water, which flows from our private springs at a temperature of approximately 86°C, belongs to the category of hyperthermal saline-bromine-iodine waters. It is of meteoric origin and comes from the Monti Lessini in the Prealps, and it involves immersing the body in an individual tub containing dynamized saline-bromine-iodine thermal water at a temperature of 36°/38°C.

The Suites are an oasis of peace and tranquility, where you can leave behind the daily stress, starting with the Senior Suite, splendidly furnished with great attention to detail, and where the spaciousness of the rooms leaves you in awe.


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