GH Gabbia d’oro Verona

Hotel Gabbia d’Oro is a 5-star hotel characterized by beautiful wooden ceilings, frescoes and prized paintings. This unique hotel of luxury is housed in an 18th-century palazzo located in the historical heart of Verona, the city of Romeo and Juliet

Guests can immediately explore the nearby market square, on the corner with Piazza Erbe, where the heart of Verona still beats.

A colourful panoply of building structures encases the square, such as the charming Casa Mazzanti, Palazzo Maffei, Torre dei Lamberti and Torre del Gardello.

A light breeze blows on the white clouds of the Verona sky where the ancient Torre del Gardello stands.

In the garden of the GH Gabbia d’Oro, hydrangeas, jasmine in bloom, exuberant greenery, grassy scents, invite you to reconcile with life and close your eyes for a moment.

The guest has the feeling of being in the right place at the right time, to breathe forcefully “this wonderful present”.

A delightful secret garden welcomes the guest, who can relax and inebriate the scent of over 268 plants. The Gabbia d’oro also houses a library that can accommodate up to 9 people and an old-fashioned bar for sipping afternoon tea.

Guests also have the privilege of entering, as protagonists, the enchanted world of the winter garden, the Orangerie, and having the magnificent panoramic terrace at their disposal, after a day of exploration through the streets of Verona, given that the Gabbia d Gold, for example, is just five minutes from the most famous balcony in the world, the one from which Juliet looked out to listen, in great secrecy, to the odes of her Romeo.



Romantic is the key word at the Gabbia d’oro hotel, with some rooms featuring round tubs, marble ornaments and mosaics.

The Gabbia d’oro hotel is full of charm in every environment, with a continuous search for that detail, especially in the furnishings, which enhances the art of hospitality.

The hotel is richly decorated with dark wooden ceiling beams, medieval-style frescoes, and sumptuous fabrics for an eclectic yet charming look.

The rooms of the Gabbia D’Oro are equipped with period furnishings, oriental carpets and luxurious fabrics, to offer a unique and pleasant experience.

The Junior Suite makes for a charming and elegant hideaway from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The Superior Suite boasts the very best of period furnishings, oriental carpets and fine Italian fabrics, it is the added touch of class in an already glamorous, medieval city.

The Terrazza Suite 405 and the Torre del Gardello Suite 400 are magnificent in every detail.

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