GH Francia & Quirinale

In 1908, a wealthy French family of hoteliers decided to build the Hotel de France in the center of Montecatini, imbuing it with the Liberty style that also inspired the Tettuccio Thermal Baths.

But already in 1920, it was purchased by the Giusfredi family, who still today – after 4 generations – manage the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale in Montecatini Terme with the same care as a private residence welcoming guests.

The Grand Hotel in Montecatini is still the home of Mrs. Anna Maria Nencini Giusfredi and her daughter Alessandra. It’s not uncommon to find them welcoming guests at the entrance, with outstretched hands and a warm smile of welcome on their faces, just like true hostesses.

During the day, you can see them moving gracefully between one lounge and another, with their light-heartedness seemingly bestowing grace upon everything. Fresh seasonal flowers arranged in vases; large books carefully placed throughout the lounges, discussing art and history; antique silverware polished to serve tea and coffee; table settings with meticulously arranged antique Ginori china; candles lit in the evening to add a touch of romance to the surroundings.

The waters of Montecatini, belonging to the salso-sulphate-alkaline type, emerge from depths of 60-80 meters, and along their journey to the surface, they become enriched with significant quantities of mineral salts.

That’s why they can treat the intestines and the liver, as well as provide energy to the body and enhance the beauty of the skin.

The waters originate from four sources fed by as many springs: they are categorized into strong waters (Leopoldina spring), medium waters (Regina spring), and weak waters (Tettuccio and Rinfresco springs).

The thermal establishments, many of which are strictly in the Art Nouveau style, are nestled within a beautiful Thermal Park surrounded by greenery.

The Montecatini thermal facility is just a ten-minute drive from the GH Francia & Quirinale.



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The Prestige Suites are located on the upper floors to ensure quietness and privacy.

Here, the view stretches from the characteristic rooftops of Montecatini to glimpses of the Tuscan countryside.

The style is refined, characterized by a love for details and custom-made furnishings crafted by local artisans.

The Suite Apartment at the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale is a delight for the eyes and the soul.

From the light leather sofas and velvet armchairs to the custom-made furniture, everything has been chosen to recreate the pleasure of feeling at home.

Achilles’ Shield is the marvelous Lounge Bar at the Grand Hotel Francia & Quirinale, where you can enjoy drinks amidst fuchsia and scarlet velvet stools, mustard-colored glamour sofas, and ancient works of art, such as the large 18th-century Flemish tapestry from which the bar takes its name.

Comprising a bright ground-floor lounge and a large covered terrace overlooking the boulevards, in the evening, it’s the perfect setting for relaxed aperitifs.


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