Villa Eden Leading Health Spa

Embracing a better lifestyle in just a few days… a dream that can come true at Villa Eden, in Merano, Trentino Alto Adige.

Thanks to the method developed by the team of experts, based on a combination of specific medical treatments, balanced nutrition, exercise, and practical advice to stay in shape and achieve a new psychophysical balance.

It is in this setting that you can devote time to yourself in total serenity: Villa Eden is reserved for adults only and private guests who come from all over the world to take care of their well-being in one of the most renowned Longevity Spas internationally.

The history of Villa Eden begins in 1982 when Angelika’s father, Karl Schmid, had the vision to transform an elegant private villa in the stunning landscape of Merano into the country’s first “Beauty Farm.” The subsequent involvement of Henri Chenot in the project confirmed the success of the concept ahead of its time.

Since 1993, it has been Angelika who has been driving the development of Villa Eden, turning it into one of the most exclusive Retreat Hotels in the world. Today, Villa Eden presents itself with the extraordinary charm of a Leading Hotel of the World, featuring only 29 suites, innovative culinary art, excellent Wellness & Beauty treatments, as well as a medical team always available.

The path to a higher quality of life goes through Villa Eden.

he Spa guarantees excellence from every point of view: from the effectiveness of health programs to beauty treatments, in luxurious and charming environments.

At Villa Eden, the desire to spend a dream vacation is beautifully combined with the need to establish a virtuous balance between body and mind.

Aquagym classes in the pool, fitness and yoga lessons, exercises in the equipped gym, excursions in the beautiful nature of Merano, bike tours, walks, trekking, but also tennis or golf games, will complete an unforgettable experience.

Sleep well to live well. More health, more energy, more happiness: it all starts with quality sleep

At Villa Eden, they have developed a new specific program crafted by their medical experts in collaboration with the world’s leading scientists.

More vital, fitter, and with more energy: the program designed by the experts at Villa Eden is perfect for eliminating excess toxins from the body and restoring the balance between body and mind.

The ultimate goal is to detoxify and regenerate the body to gain in health and beauty.

At the Longevity Medical Center, Villa Eden strives for the ideal balance between physical condition, mind, and spirit, respecting the surrounding nature, with which to re-establish a symbiotic relationship because true harmony also comes through a close connection with the environment in which we live.



Aesthetic medicine is another of Villa Eden’s excellent services. Corrective microsurgery procedures are performed directly on-site, while for more significant procedures, Beauty relies on the expertise and competence of some private clinics, ensuring optimal outcomes.

A stay where you can rediscover psychophysical harmony and balance – also through extraordinary yoga and meditation sessions – hosted in environments where privacy and peace are essential elements of the vacation.

Villa Eden is an experiential place where silence and serenity are guaranteed,

The tailor-made Calopeso program, designed by the experts at Villa Eden, allows you to regain the ideal weight, improve physical fitness, and facilitate its maintenance at home

The stated goal is to lose weight in a healthy and proper way to increase the quality of life and feel good about oneself.


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