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The Belle Époque charm and a state-of-the-art thermal spa: it is from this union that the pleasure of staying at the Grand Hotel Trieste & Victoria in Abano Terme is born. A surprising privilege for seekers of memorable experiences who want to immerse themselves in the authentic atmosphere of a Grand Hotel born in 1912.

The charm of a hotel that has been enchanting the most refined travelers in the world for over 100 years. It’s like embarking on a journey through time. The Belle Époque lounges, the contemporary well-being of the White Spa, and the enchanting park with its 5 thermal pools.

In the rooms and suites, everything is designed to combine the charms of the past with the most refined contemporary comforts.


idea of purity that the guest seeks is found in the White Spa. An enchanted world of well-being.

The guest will enter a world of white, purity, and light.

What does the White Spa offer? Everything. First, you must let yourself be captivated by the purity all around you, and then choose one or more special moments: thermal mud treatments, rituals, and even Ayurvedic massages.

It will be possible to immerse yourself in the well-being of thermal mud, in the absolute beauty of aesthetic treatments, in the total relaxation of the senses and the body. It will be like moving within a cloud.

Thermal baths to relive the experience of ancient Roman baths, immersed in a pleasant mist with a temperature of 45°C, relaxing the muscles.

The Finnish sauna in a high-temperature environment, between 80 and 100°C, with humidity at around 10%, to stimulate metabolism, purify the body by eliminating toxins, and promote cellular renewal.

The Ice-room and the ice waterfall, because after staying in the hot environments, it’s important to stimulate circulation by pausing in a relaxation area with a constant temperature of 15°C, where you can rub ice on your legs and arms.


saline bromo-iodine thermal water springs at 86°C from a well within the hotel’s grounds, then it is cooled before being conveyed to the 5 pools.

Living the emotion of well-being in freedom with scents, colors, music, and pleasant touches that engage the five senses. Carrying with you the memory of the citrus scents of our land along with the richness of our thermal baths experienced in a youthful and energetic way. Body and mind find themselves in a new and paradisiacal dimension.

Starting from the feet, the point of contact with the earth, releasing tension with the smoothing footbath scented with violet, composed of Urea salts and violet essence. Urea provides immediate velvety action and a natural removal of dead cells in the stratum corneum, regenerating the tissue and accelerating cell turnover. The result: smoother feet and more hydrated skin.

Then comes cellular purification with a gentle sugar and Illite scrub formulated with vegetable-derived oils (Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Wheat Germ Oil), exfoliating sugar microcrystals, and Illite, a clay rich in iron and copper with a characteristic orange color. The intense aromatic fragrance is derived from the green leaves of sage.

Furthermore, free your mind and body with Antistress Waterfalls, a brand-new water-massage method effective as a regenerating, firming, stress-relieving, and anti-aging treatment. It induces profound well-being and is ideal for those who wish to completely isolate themselves from the outside world to rejuvenate both mind and body. The massage is performed by 1200 water jets with varying pressure and size. The nebulized drops transform into a tropical rain before turning into real waterfalls with a gentle and invigorating effect.

The fourth experience involves the Abano Clay Body Wrap, derived from a natural sediment extracted from the hydrographic basin between the Brenta and Piave rivers, rich in precious minerals characteristic of the Dolomites, which help slow down the signs of aging. It is blended with velvety vegetable oils, including Argan oil, and scented with aromatic essences without allergens such as Cypress, Rosemary, and Lavender.

The fifth experience: the coconut hair mask. With the humidity of the steam bath, the mask releases a pleasant balsamic aroma and creates an emulsion that, when rinsed off, leaves an immediate velvety effect. The regenerating Coconut Oil mask shines and strengthens damaged and treated hair without weighing it down with a conditioning effect. The clay and coconut wraps are rinsed off in the shower without the use of detergents.

Finally, to conclude this wonderful journey, a pleasant massage with a special emulsion of citrus essences gives the body the final touch of relaxation and a sensation of harmonious well-being. The soft and hydrated skin regains elasticity and radiance.


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