Palazzo BelVedere Montecatini

Palazzo BelVedere has its own alphabet made of beauty, culture, positivity, and health. An alphabet that becomes a language in respect and love for the guest. It’s a ritual to leave behind the rush of daily life and enter a new dimension of hospitality, kindness, and courtesy.

In an atmosphere of serenity, not only a revitalizing wet area but also personalized treatments and journeys dedicated to the four elements.

etters, sounds, symbols, images; service quality, respect for Mother Nature, relational skills, beauty, culture, positivity, health: this is how the alphabet of Palazzo Belvedere, composed as such, creates a language in balance between the beautiful, the good, the healthy, and the enticing.

Home SPA© it’s a welcoming home with ample spaces where you can breathe in our concept of well-being, a place to take care of oneself.

Palazzo BelVedere offers wellness treatments and rituals ideal for replenishing the energies of the body and soul, capable of engaging as many senses as possible through the use of natural products or ingredients.

These are true experiences where time and space expand completely, creating a multisensory journey. From the detoxifying emodrenant massage to the hydrotherapeutic treatments with the famous waters of Montecatini Terme, and through the 3P program (Potentia, Positio, Perfectio) dedicated to movement, offering sessions to enhance personal well-being and develop individual potential.

The White Portico overlooks the Circular Garden and is flooded with natural light. A physical space for the body, free to move and express itself in a fluid and natural way.

A symbolic, spacious, and airy space to emphasize openness to the new and to change. A place for meditation, inner nourishment, and breathing, to generate well-being inside and out.

The Circular Garden of Palazzo BelVedere is a place for meditation, to help find balance with oneself. The circle as a symbol of wholeness, harmony, and movement. The repetition of gestures and attentions that become habits in self-care.



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The wet area is a series of outdoor pools with ambient temperature water and hydromassage, including a wellness pool with hydromassage loungers, lumbar benches, and water features for the neck and back, for those who enjoy immersing themselves in cold water in every season.

Then there’s a Turkish bath nestled in the greenery of the bamboo grove and a panoramic sauna overlooking the Tettuccio Park.

Furthermore, there’s a Kneipp path with emotional showers, an ice fountain with a heated bench, and a Scottish shower.

Palazzo BelVedere and the long thermal tradition of Montecatini Terme provide the perfect setting for those who want to rediscover the beauty that surrounds us, regain awareness of the inseparable relationship between health and inner experience. It’s an opportunity to rebalance oneself outside of the comfort zone, embrace healthier lifestyles, and emerge more resilient than ever before.


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