Silva Splendid Fiuggi

The largest SPA in Fiuggi is perhaps the best calling card for the Silva Splendid Hotel, but certainly not the only reason that makes it one of the hotels rightfully listed among the favorite places for those who choose the city of thermal baths for a wellness vacation in the deep heart of Lazio.

Relaxation, the pursuit of health, a passion for sports, and a love for nature converge in the lobby, which reveals over time a whole universe of opportunities under the chestnut trees of an immense park, not far from Fiuggi Terme.

Within the wellness center of Silva Splendid, the spectrum of wellness unfolds, also featuring a modern Beauty Farm with a Massage Center, a spacious Fitness Area, and a renowned Weight Loss Center, where you can indulge in the finest personalized beauty treatments.

In the luxurious Spa Suite, the Soft Pack, or suspension tub, is offered for a wonderful warm water embrace that, thanks to the absence of gravity, allows for the relaxation of the entire body and mind, providing rejuvenating relaxation.

Right after that, the Cabina Thermae Raxul, a modern version of ancient Roman baths, is available to achieve a general state of well-being and relaxation through warm baths, steam baths, or Roman baths, optimizing the effectiveness of mud treatments, essences, and sea salts rituals.

Furthermore, the Hammam wellness treatment involves preparing the skin in the Calidarium, an aromatic steam bath, followed by a pleasant exfoliation through a massage with soap foam while lying on a heated marble slab, with the body covered in precious oils.

Lastly, the Armanda whirlpool bath offers a delightful Balneo treatment with a flow of very small water droplets that, upon contact with the body, replicate the sensation of a hand giving a massage. Their beneficial effect stimulates lymphatic reactions, produces anti-stress actions, and is very relaxing.



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Water is purity and spiritual rebirth, as it frees the soul.

Water is the element of life, the gateway to a wonderful world.

Two indoor heated pools at 32°C with water jets, comfortable chairs with hydro air/water features, and overflow loungers, accompanied by music, scents, and colors.

Then there’s the Cave with music therapy and chromotherapy, providing a pleasant sensation of relaxation. It is effective against skin aging and tension.

In the enchanting park, there couldn’t be a lack of the heated outdoor pool, to enjoy the beneficial effects of water, and the area dedicated to the traditional Finnish sauna, a dry heat bath, ranging from 80° to 90°, to be alternated with cold showers, ideal for boosting the immune system.

Breathtaking panoramas, tranquil mountain roads, gentle hills adorned with vineyards and olive groves, every curve unveiling a new and unforgettable landscape: this is the Silva Bike Hotel.


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