The wonderful world of the Etruscan People

The greatness of a people lies in the enduring testimonies of centuries, and if that’s the case, the Etruscans are at the top of this scale of values, even though they are now extinct.

To discover the era that was, one must travel from ancient Caere to the city-state of Vulci, from Cerveteri to Tarquinia. The itinerary begins with the monumental necropolis of Banditaccia, which extends for ten kilometers in the municipality of Cerveteri, built on the foundations of ancient Caere, considered the economic capital of the Etruscan world.

Banditaccia has the unique characteristic of having been designed as if it were a city of the living rather than a necropolis, with intersecting streets and tombs that resemble houses.

This cult is also celebrated in the national museum of Cerite, which traces the evolution of the Etruscan people, reaffirmed in the presence of the Tomb of the Reliefs, rich in stucco, and the Tomb of the Shields, with its six beds carved into the tuff stone.

The next stop is Tarquinia, with the Necropolis of Monterozzi, exceptional for its pictorial decorations that depict the daily life of three millennia ago.

A few kilometers from Tarquinia, the town of Canino serves as the gateway to the Naturalistic and Archaeological Park of the city-state of Vulci. Here, history and unspoiled nature merge in a unique setting where it is truly possible to relive the greatness of the Etruscan people.


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