Villasimius is a true explosion of colors

The intense blue of the sea, the gleaming white of the beaches, the green strokes of the Mediterranean scrub: Villasimius is a true explosion of colors.

Founded in ancient times by the Carthaginians, in addition to becoming a village linked to its enchanting locations, it now preserves the exceptional marine habitat that is part of the Protected Marine Area of Capo Carbonara, along the stretch of coast between Capo Boi tower and Serpentara Island.

Villasimius represents, as if it were a spectacular synthesis, the interweaving elements that have always dominated the south of Sardinia. The wild nature along the rugged cliffs overlooking the sea, often only reachable by boat, as is the case with the suggestive islets of Cavoli and Serpentara, and then long golden beaches that appear as a powdery carpet made brilliant by the rays of the sun.

Then the coast, dotted with Aragonese towers, and the countryside near the sea, where the remains of the Roman necropolis of Accu is Trajas and Is Cuccureddus, an ancient place of worship, are well preserved.

And as night falls, Villasimius dons the attire of sophistication, marked by an unstoppable and inexhaustible joy.