The four valleys of Bormio

“Burmi” in the Valtellinese dialect, “Worms in Veltlin” in German: it is, however, always Bormio, the soul, heart, and passion of Alta Valtellina.

There are four valleys that meet here, coming together to create a unique spectacle in every season: Valdidentro, traversed by the Viola stream, Valfurva with the Frodolfo River, a tributary of the Braulio, which connects it to the Stelvio Pass and serves as the gateway to the homonymous national park, and Valdisotto, through which the Adda River flows.

It’s a succession of imposing glaciers and excellent slopes, where all winter sports have found a great home, including the thrilling sled dog racing. Here, in 1985 and 2005, two of the most successful editions of the Winter World Championships were held.

In addition to skiing, the jewel of Alta Valtellina is known for its thermal baths, mentioned since ancient Roman times.

GH Bagni Vecchi

A dive into history spanning over two thousand years, from the Roman Baths to the centuries-old caves leading to one of the ancient springs, up to the panoramic pool: the QC Terme Bormio Bagni Vecchi thermal center offers an extraordinary relaxation experience. A place where history, nature, and well-being come together to provide unforgettable moments.

A romantic alpine-designed resort to indulge in moments of relaxation surrounded by nature.

In addition to the spirit, the palate must also be satisfied with a refined combination of genuine ingredients.

A spectacular infinity pool from which to enjoy a privileged view of Valtellina and admire all its enchanting beauty, experiencing a bath that reveals the colors and scents of the surrounding natural scenery.

The energy of the ancient thermal waters flows through the Medieval, Imperial, and Roman Baths: from the panoramic pool overlooking the Bormio basin to the sweat-inducing San Martino steam cave, which leads to one of the thousand-year-old springs.

A refined selection of massages dedicated to the energetic rebalancing of the physical and emotional sphere, customizable with pure vegetable oils created by QC Terme.

GH Hotel Bagni Nuovi

The thermal center of QC Terme Bagni Nuovi offers a new relaxation experience: the infinity pool with a panoramic view of the Alps will become the most exciting of memories.

The large outdoor pools, saunas, waterfalls, and other evocative practices will make this wellness getaway unforgettable.

Dreamlike hospitality in charming places and unique atmospheres, attention to detail, and care for the guest. To continue offering the best wellness and thermal experience.

It was right at the Roman Baths, where the San Martino church is now located, that in the past stood the temple dedicated to Borvo, or Bormo, literally “he who bubbles,” the ancient deity of spring waters, equated with Apollo, from which the name of the town of Bormio originates.

In the pool dedicated to him, you can let yourself be captivated by the bubbling of the flowing water and the endless bubbles with their toning and relaxing effects.

An immersion in history with the sensory journey of Terme Bagni Nuovi.

The Ballroom of GH Bagni Nuovi offers authentic flavors and careful processing of the finest ingredients, an extensive wine list, and an enchanting and magical atmosphere.

Getting lost among the play of mirrors and scents in the Salon of Narcissus, surrendering to the enchantment of the Garden of Daphne, and experiencing infinite relaxation in the Nymphs’ Grotto.



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