Discovering Milan


The notes of the singer-songwriter song “Se tu sapessi quanto è strano innamorarsi a Milano” are the perfect and engaging soundtrack to discover the most romantic virtues of the city.

It all begins with this message: “A hug on the roof.” The roof in question is that of the Duomo, a symbol of Milan and one of Italy’s most beautiful cathedrals. It’s a fascinating monument, a landscape of stone adorned with spires, flying buttresses, and 1,800 statues dating from the 14th to the 19th century.

And it’s from the top of the Duomo that, in the late afternoon, when the setting sun’s light illuminates the golden Madonnina, you can admire vibrant and colorful Milan, with its lights and the joie de vivre flowing like a river.

Then, to seal that magical moment, a hug marks the beginning of a pact between lovers, signed at the highest point
of Milan.

Here’s another secret of the city: the Bosco Nuovo, a romantic and enchanting space to explore hand in hand, in every season.

Another oasis of peace is the Botanical Garden, located in the heart of Palazzo Brera, home to the Pinacoteca and the Astronomical Observatory.

After a stroll inside, the discovery of the garden is truly astonishing, with its abundance of trees, shrubs, and flowers. As the evening sets in, the Navigli become Milan’s most enchanting backdrop.

The discovery lies in the small and picturesque restaurants characterized by courtyards and pergolas, where the intertwining of tradition and passion is wonderful.

Here, the past is embraced with nostalgia, even in the cuisine, which reflects the refined Milanese culture: from saffron risotto with ossobuco to homemade tarts. These moments make it feel like time slows down and is gentle, so as not to disturb those who immerse themselves in the most overwhelming sensation of intimacy, while outside, the Grand Naviglio flows even more peacefully than time itself.



Mudec – Via Tortona, 56

Enrico Bartolini pays homage to the city of Milan. His mission is encapsulated in the motto “Being Contemporary Classic,” which means renewing tradition in a contemporary way, never forgetting the foundations upon which innovation and culinary research must rest.


2 STARS Via Montecuccoli 6

Devotion to food, a selection of excellent raw materials, and continuity between past and future. These are the ingredients that inspire “Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia,” where creativity, refinement, and precision blend into a visually striking menu.


Via Monte di Pietà, 18

Chef Antonio Guida loves blending authentic flavors to create a harmonious combination born from extensive experience and personality. “Risotto with raspberry and herb cream,” featuring porcini mushrooms in vegetable jus, buffalo mozzarella, and capers, and “stuffed partridge” with dried plums and onion cream: it’s a celebration of colors, elegance, and class.

ANIMA 1 STARS – Via Rosales

Italy’s most Michelin-starred chef, Enrico Bartolini, opens the doors to his new restaurant on the ground floor of the prestigious Milano Verticale hotel in the Corso Como area.

The elegance and design of the spaces create a captivating contrast for a cuisine that makes “Milanese essence” its strong point, focusing on the seasonality of vegetables, fruits, as well as carefully selected types of fish and meat.

BERTON 1 STARS – Via Bongiorno

The Berton restaurant is modern, elegant, and essential, qualities that are reflected in the menu offerings, where flavors are always recognizable on the palate.

The dining room, elegant and refined, is separated from the kitchen by a glass wall, allowing for discreet observation of the movements of the brigade led by Chef Andrea Berton.


Contraste breaks the mold, offering guests an “unexpected” experience. The dishes experiment with shapes, geometries, and flavors that go beyond the very concept of ordinary.


Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

Carlo Cracco is resolute and never mundane, always ready to express his opinion. The restaurant interior presents itself as a true example of aesthetic beauty, while the menu blends past and future, always with the primary goal of astonishing the customer.



Baglioni House is located in the artistic district of Brera. The spaces draw inspiration from the art and design of 1960s Milan and represent a perfect expression of the fusion between traditional Italian style and a more innovative, personalized touch. Experience the atmosphere of Italy’s most fashionable city, with its art galleries, gourmet cuisine, and renowned boutiques at your disposal.


The Excelsior Hotel Gallia boasts 235 luxuriously appointed rooms, with over 50 of them being suites. At a thousand square meters, the Katara Royal Suite is the largest suite among all Italian hotels.

Each room reflects and enhances the renowned Milanese aesthetic, with details of artisanal and modern design sourced from prestigious local ateliers such as B&B Italia, Cassina, Fendi Casa, and Flos. Many rooms directly overlook Piazza Duca d’Aosta, which takes on a hue of pale gold when flocks of swallows dance in the sky.


Just a few steps from Via Montenapoleone and Via della Spiga, nestled between the Brera Academy and La Scala, right in the heart of the city, an 18th-century Milanese palace, expertly renovated, houses the Bulgari Hotel in Milan. The five-star hotel is located on a private street in the financial and cultural center of the city, which, behind its austere facades, conceals enchanting courtyards and unexpected green spaces. One example of this is the luxurious 4,000-square-meter private garden, a natural extension of the nearby Botanical Gardens and an oasis of serenity and relaxation where you can rejuvenate and escape the city’s frenetic pace.


The Armani Hotel Milano will create a tailor-made experience to remember. A 5-star luxury hotel in the center of Milan near the Duomo, featuring a gourmet restaurant, leisure facilities, a well-equipped spa, and an utmost luxury and glamour hospitality signed by Armani. To shape unforgettable experiences. Live a unique experience in the elegant atmosphere of the suites, where every detail is signed by the Grand Master of Italian haute couture. “Su Misura” service for men and “Su Ordinazione” service for women allow the creation and customization of Giorgio Armani collections directly at the Giorgio Armani boutique on Via Sant’Andrea or in the comfort and privacy of your own room. Tradition and innovation blend to create a touch of luxury for special occasions.


A 15th-century convent transformed into a sophisticated hotel with an inner garden in the heart of Milan. You’ll discover an oasis of tranquility where historical architectural elements blend with elegant contemporary design.


the guest will savor authentic Mediterranean flavors and rejuvenate after a day of shopping in the sanctuary of wellness.

The private elevator will take guests up to a magnificent suite on the upper floor that opens onto a garden terrace.

Characterized by the presence of bright and eclectic contemporary furniture, Zelo restaurant has a dual identity: during the day, Zelo Bistrot offers a menu filled with delightful and light dishes, celebrating the sharing of experiences in Italy. In the evening, it offers a more refined and gourmet experience. Seasonality and sustainability are essential concepts in Chef Fabrizio

Borraccino, which takes guests on a sensory journey through Italy, celebrating the sharing of experiences.

The Quadrilateral

Once you pass through the majestic Baroque gateway, the new walkway connects Corso Venezia with Via Sant’Andrea through the widest square within the fashion district, leading travelers and citizens on a journey to discover a hidden gem in the heart of Milan.


In the spirit of the finest Italian hospitality, Portrait Milano stands out among the best hotels in Milan for its attention to every guest and meticulous attention to detail. Its 73 elegant suites, family suites, and rooms guarantee the most authentic Milan experience within the excellence of a 5-star luxury hotel. The upper floors of the historic Archbishop’s Seminary welcome guests of Portrait Milano into an oasis of privacy, silence, and timeless elegance, just steps from the renowned shopping streets. The Longevity Suite Spa is Europe’s most advanced Biohacking and Anti-Aging clinic. High-tech integrated protocols guide guests towards their best versions, aiming for a perfect balance of health, beauty consciousness, and energy.

Thanks to careful renovation work, the Ferragamo family has revived the historic cultural and hospitality vocation of the former Seminary.


Château Monfort brings the spaces of a fairytale to the heart of Milan. Just a few steps from the Duomo and La Scala, San Babila, and Palazzo Reale, an original concept comes to life: it’s the Urban Château, with its modern yet timeless inspirations. The elegant early 20th-century residence, a Liberty gem adorned by architect Paolo Mezzanotte, welcomes guests into a visionary atmosphere.

It’s wonderful to get lost among the scenic installations of the suites, inspired by fairy tales and opera, to relax in the magical Spa Amore & Psiche, to fall in love under the crystal dome of the Lounge Bar, or amidst the delicious gourmet dishes of the Executive Chef.

Château Monfort today appears almost like a finely decorated treasure chest, while the modern and unusual interior designs are the result of careful iconographic research, creating an atmosphere of absolute charm in a neoromantic style characterized by enchanted gardens, mysterious secrets, and fairy-tale interiors.


The Grand Hotel et de Milan is an elegant gateway on Via Montenapoleone. Gerry’s Bar, located 674 steps away from La Scala, is the most beloved stage for the stars of the historic theater. The refined splendor of the spaces and the enduring creativity have made GH an unmatched landmark in the heart of Milan. Since its inauguration on May 23, 1863, it immediately became a meeting place for diplomats, entrepreneurs, and opera artists.

It’s challenging to succinctly capture the glamour and creativity that pervade GH. It’s easier to imagine Maria Callas, radiant in her jewels, descending the steps in majesty before a performance at La Scala, or the great Caruso, who, in room 306, recorded an opera for the first time, becoming the first superstar of the modern music world. Rudolph Nureyev, the legendary dancer, stayed at GH for weeks.

The great opera composer Giuseppe Verdi made ‘Milan’ his home for 27 years. On the premiere of Otello on February 5, 1887, the city’s streets were already echoing with the most famous arias from La Traviata, Nabucco, and Rigoletto. After the performance, an exultant crowd unhitched the horses from the Maestro’s carriage and, shouting “Viva V.E.R.D.I.,” carried it on their shoulders to the hotel’s lobby. The incessant ovation from the people of Milan forced the composer to step onto the balcony with tenor Tamagno, who spontaneously encored, sending the crowd into a frenzy.

Caruso Nuovo Restaurant has an elegant and convivial ambiance, an image where classicism and contemporaneity play together, blending seamlessly with the gastronomic offerings brought to the table by Executive Chef Francesco Potenza.

Acanto restaurant adds a natural charm to the rituals of dining and a touch of personality to elevate the experience to new heights of excellence.

The Principe bar is the most elegant destination to spend an evening savoring craft cocktails and immersing oneself in a unique atmosphere.


At the Hotel Principe di Savoia, it’s the atmosphere that immerses the guest in the authentic vitality of Milan. Impeccable hospitality and genuine Italian charm. With exceptional standards of care, it embodies the true spirit of the city and has always been a reference point for the international high society.

The Ambassador Suite, in Art Deco style, is the perfect setting to experience a welcoming, bright, and airy atmosphere.

With one of the most incredible views of Milan, the penthouse at GH Principe di Savoia is ideal for both working out and relaxing. The Club 10 Fitness & Beauty Center is open to all our guests and Milanese members. Here, the transformative power of relaxation extends well beyond the spa experience itself.


Milan is a dynamic city, the capital of fashion, social life, and the latest trends. The Meliá Milano hotel is located in the Lotto area, a growing neighborhood. Completely renovated, it reflects the innovative design and elegance that has made the Lombard capital famous, and it also offers facilities that are simply admirable. Exclusive suites and rooms, as well as the benefits of The Level service.

Enjoy a sense of exclusivity. Discover the most elegant private spaces, suites, and personalized service that will put the guest at the center of attention for an unforgettable stay. It will be like entering a special universe filled with constant privileges and limitless comfort.

The palace, elegantly adorned with original artworks and exquisite fabrics, offers an authentic five-star experience in the heart of the Italian fashion and design capital.

The 54 rooms and 41 suites are decorated in either Milanese or Parisian style: the former, with a more contemporary style, are embellished with refined cream-colored furnishings and natural wood finishes, while the latter exude a classic and sophisticated atmosphere.

The spectacular Gastronomic Restaurant, which also includes an outdoor area in the idyllic gardens of the palace, never fails to impress with the authenticity of its cuisine, while the Caffè Parigi, a trendy spot, is perfect for meeting friends or enjoying exclusive experiences like afternoon tea.


A spectacular historic building transformed into one of the most exclusive hotels in Milan, just a few steps from the prestigious fashion district and the city’s top tourist attractions.
Meticulously designed and passionately managed by architect and owner Paola Giambelli, it is characterized by an intimate and family-like atmosphere.

The Grand Spa of the palace is a true oasis of peace where you can delight your senses and indulge in extraordinary wellness treatments: the perfect antidote to the city’s hectic pace, providing a five-star experience of pure relaxation.


Milan’s main attractions will be just steps away during your stay at Park Hyatt Milano. You can enjoy a cappuccino in Piazza del Duomo, go shopping on Via della Spiga, and attend an opera performance at the historic Teatro alla Scala. Upon your return, you’ll find luxury services and gourmet dining.

The exclusive gourmet restaurant Pellico 3 Milano is run by the young and talented Executive Chef Guido Paternollo. His culinary philosophy draws inspiration from various places and traditions of the Mediterranean region, creating a blend of different and sophisticated flavors.

La Cupola is the hotel’s all-day dining venue, where you can always enjoy a gastronomic offering and relax or meet. It’s an intimate and refined place where you can breathe a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. The captivating artwork, Lucio Fontana’s “Head of Medusa,” dominates with its presence, reflecting the changing colors with the rhythm of lights and shadows in the Lounge. Thanks to its location, just a few minutes’ walk from the Duomo, La Cupola is a place where guests can have breakfast, an informal lunch, enjoy a cup of tea or a flute of champagne, and relax in a sophisticated atmosphere within a comfortable and refined setting.

Mio Lab is the hotel’s exclusive cocktail bar, offering excellent service, cocktails, and classic Italian aperitifs.

AQVAM SPA is an oasis of well-being in the city center. It offers exclusive massages and beauty treatments by 111SKIN. It’s a place for pure relaxation with a jacuzzi, Turkish bath, and a 24-hour open TechnoGym fitness center.

To enhance the offerings of AQVAM SPA, they use Vitalis dr. Joseph’s plant-based oils made from natural ingredients processed with advanced technologies, as well as products from Fedua Cosmetics, a leading brand for hand and foot care.

Vik Pellico Otto is an art gallery restaurant overlooking the famous Bull of the Galleria. It features Venetian white stucco and padded walls, colorful marble tables, and artworks that showcase ever-changing exhibitions by various Italian and international artists.


The Seven Stars Galleria Vik, located within the world-famous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, was designed by architect Massimo Magaldi. This boutique hotel, opened in 2007, features 27 rooms and suites that reinterpret Milanese architectural style in a modern context.

Galleria Vik Milano features 89 individually designed rooms and suites, each showcasing art, unique decor, and extraordinary experiences. Each room and suite is enhanced with artistic installations by Italian, Uruguayan, and international artists. The room walls are finished with Venetian stucco, a luxurious Italian design technique, with twenty different color variations complementing the suite’s décor.

The Vik Presidential Suite features a spacious living room with a breathtaking view of the central nave of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. The bedroom has a double bed with a view of La Scala.


Sina The Gray is a design hotel synonymous with style, elegance, and eclecticism.

Located in the vibrant heart of Milan, just 100 meters from the Duomo, it features a Liberty-style facade and is the result of the creativity and originality of some of Italy’s most dynamic architects and interior designers.

The boutique suites boast modern design with ethnic influences, and they feature suspended beds that hang from the ceiling like swings.

The GBar is an ideal place for a pleasant break after shopping. The Aria is an exclusive terrace bar, intimate and refined, where the ritual of the aperitif is enjoyed every day.

The Le Noir Restaurant is famous for its contemporary elegance. The interior ambiance is characterized by shadows and play of lights, creating an elegant and mysterious atmosphere.


The Westin Palace, Milan has unveiled its new design after a thoughtful renovation that combines the beauty of classical architecture with contemporary lines. Irene Pansadoro’s studio worked on the entire project, reimagining our lobby, lounge bar, and meeting and event spaces, drawing inspiration from our dual nature:

the refined mid-century charm and the grandeur of classical imperial elegance, reinterpreted with a touch of modernity. Sophisticated details, the enhancement of the original architecture, and a new palette of high-class colors will immerse the guest in a vibrant atmosphere of timeless luxury and a new concept of hospitality with biophilic design.

The PanEVO restaurant is a haven of true Italian taste and is open to anyone who loves the authenticity, freshness, and quality of Mediterranean cuisine. At PanEVO, each ingredient reveals its story of land, sun, and skill. The PanEVO Terrace, at the same time, is the ideal place to enjoy special evenings.

The Mixology Lounge Bar takes inspiration from rare species that have left Earth for other fantastic planets. A selection of craft drinks, bold and refreshing for the senses, to journey imaginatively to distant timeless destinations and wild exotic lands.

The sophisticated elegance of the Presidential Suite lends The Westin Palace Milan a refined private residence with contemporary urban design. This fusion of Italian craftsmanship and authentic style extends over an impressive 200 square meters.

The hotel’s spa offers a wide range of wellness treatments and massages, as well as a fitness gym.


MONTENAPOLEONE It is the ultimate Luxury Street, hosting the showrooms of the most prestigious High Fashion houses.

SANT’ANDREA Among medieval convents and cloisters, it is the Street of Noble Fashion, with truly princely shops.

VITTORIO EMANUELE Corso is one of the oldest streets in Milan, in full neoclassical style, and serves as a backdrop for Milan’s most enchanting fashion houses.

BUENOS AIRES Corso is one of the longest shopping promenades in the world, capable of offering everything you’ve ever dreamed of and even more.

PORTA TICINESE A few steps from the Duomo, between the columns of San Lorenzo and Carrobbio, it offers the best Italian and international brands.

DELLA SPIGA Paved with cobblestones, it is the most beloved street by businessmen, thanks to its exclusive showrooms.

MANZONI In the Fashion Quadrilateral, it is in full 19th-century style, permeated with the exclusive charm of haute couture brands.

VENEZIA It is the Street of wonders and absolute elegance, thanks to a scenario of spectacular showrooms.


ROCKET Via Naviglio Grande is illuminated with a cascade of LED lights that make the nightlife vibrant.

NEPHENTA Piazza Amendola is a unique VIP area where the trendiest sounds create moments to remember and relive.

HOLLYWOOD Corso Como is exciting. Dance music, hip-hop, techno, house, with internationally renowned DJs.

GATE Via Valtellina: 600 square meters of versatility and entertainment until dawn.

GRACE Via Messina: It’s a breathtaking and thrilling location.

AMNESIA Via Gatto: Named after the famous Ibiza venue, it’s one of the most renowned nightclubs for electronic and house music.

OLD FASHION Via Messina It’s a legendary venue. A restaurant and nightclub that includes a terrace, garden, and gold and silver rooms. Fabulous music and live performances until the early hours of the morning.

FABRIQUE Via Fantoni Nei suoi 2000 metri quadrati, ospita eventi e set dei DJ.

JUST CAVALLI Via Camoens Nestled near the Torre Branca. Dance music, current hits, and hip-hop.

GATTOPARDO Via della Francesca It is a deconsecrated church with an internationally renowned attraction program.



Not far from the adjacent refectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which houses the renowned Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci, stands the House of Atellani. Behind the elegant fifteenth-century residence lies one of Milan’s hidden beauties, the secret vineyard that was gifted to Leonardo da Vinci by Ludovico Sforza, also known as Ludovico il Moro. So beloved by the genius that it was mentioned in his will, Leonardo’s Vineyard has recently been restored to its original splendor and is undoubtedly one of Milan’s most fascinating hidden gems


Residence of one of the most important families in the Duchy of Milan, Borromeo Palace was built in late Gothic style and completed in the 15th century. As you observe the entrance gate, which also features a resting camel in a basket—one of the family’s symbols—you find yourself in a charming place: Borromeo Palace indeed houses one of Milan’s most elegant private courtyards. The courtyard of honor has arcades on three sides, and inside the palace, you can still admire depictions of court life in the frescoes of the “Games” dating back to around 1450



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